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  1. Is there a stake hack trick?
  2. I'm sure you lose a lot, rather than win, stakes are a scam
  3. Even though I have a small deposit I still play, don't expect to win for now .... I want to bet $ 10,000 if I have to spend ..
  4. My bet is a small $500, monthly bonus is 0.00001$, seems unfair.
  5. How do I get a big bonus, I put it in left and right baccarat, the wager is big but I get a small monthly bonus. Any suggestions from the masters?
  6. Tricks are useless for stake games
  7. Bet depends on capital, in small capital 100 satoshi Losing is certain... if you win it's hockey
  8. It means that if we make a discussion topic, there will be a 3000 sathosi bonus, he said, is that true or not?
  9. Please explain and how to get it
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