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  1. Dear Anyone. Keep seeing YouTube vids. about high-limit coin pushers but when I see slot vids - like N.G. Slots or Brian Christopher or similar - I never see any coin pushers in the videos, not even in passing in the casinos. I've also read they're illegal because you can win coins with them (I'm in the U.K. so I don't understand WHY that's illegal but apparently it is!) So are the v ids. for real? And are the coin pushers for real? Not that I want a go - can't afford! - just wondering..... Yours respectfully Chris.
  2. Dear Anyone. Joined the site to ask this. Never heard of keno before seeing it on a Vegas stream on YouTube. It LOOKS the same as bingo, but the computer does all the work for you, am I right? So you've got your cards and the computer chooses random numbers and if the numbers hit those on the cards, you win (assuming it's a line of numbers or whatever.) Does the computer choose the initial card numbers? Because surely if it was choosing the initial numbers the card's born with - in other words before the 'bingo game' starts - it would just pick the ones it's not going to actually giv
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