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  1. Wallet is synced now! :)

    Hello everyone. We'd like to inform you that all your deposits and withdrawals will be proceeded now, our BTC wallet is finally synced. Everything is back to normal now, so your transactions won't be delayed anymore. Thank you all for your patience and understanding, it's highly appreciated!
  2. 📢 Stake downtime

    Hello Stakers! We just wanted to inform you that Stake will be unavailable for 6 hours, due to maintenance. The downtime will start in approximately 3 hours. Thank you all for the understanding!
  3. NaN NaN NaN Status

    Locking this one now!
  4. 20K trivia giveaway !!!

  5. ri1ey's memo board

    Yaaaaay! Finally a real ( ) bet!
  6. ri1ey's memo board

    Ooooh, well, thank you... Now when I say I hate you, I have 1669.09 reasons to do that!!!
  7. HILO stream is finally here! :)

    The hunt is over! Thank you all for participating! These are the Top 5 users that will participate in LIVE Hilo: 1. @CocaCola23 2. @m1nDHunt3r518 3. @ri1ey 4. @Peckatop 5. @Shinjo In case any of them isn't present at the moment when the LIVE Hilo starts, these are the next 5 users that will be called to join us: - @naldi23 - @kiv211 - @paito - @Kylor - @Viksen See you in a couple of hours!
  8. Hello, hello! So, since many of you are interested in details about the Hilo stream, I decided to sum it up here for all of you. Hilo stream will be hosted by @Darko, @Mladen and me. Also, one of the main reasons why all of this happened is going to be a part of our team tonight: @ri1ey. He's responsible for all of this, just so you know. Here we go: 1. 2 hours before stream (8 PM - GMT+1), this topic will be locked: https://forum.stake.com/topic/5749-hilo-stream-is-finally-here/ 2. Thanks to @hui, we will gather the results quickly, and announce top 5 users with the highest payouts (only one spot per user), and they will be the ones that will participate in LIVE Hilo! In case some of the 'winners' are not there at the moment, we will choose the next best one. 3. We will start with the trivia that's going to be organized by ri1ey. We will have 20 questions, and prize for each question will be 0.0005 btc. 4. The trivia will be followed by regular rain from support members. 5. LIVE Hilo: - Every player will have a chance to play 3 live bets. - We will contact each of them in the PM on stake, and you will tell us which one will you choose (Hi or Lo). - The bet with the highest payout will be counted. - We will rank those five bets, and according to that, we will have 5 prizes. - Prizes: 1st place - 0.05 btc, 2nd place - 0.02 btc, 3rd place - 0.01 btc, 4th place - 0.01 btc and 5th place - 0.01 btc. - Prizes will be paid right away. - Payouts will be counted according to this table: 6. After the LIVE Hilo, we will have a special trivia on Twitch. We will activate a discord voice channel with some of our biggest Hilo fans, and ri1ey will make very special trivia questions for those that followed us right from the start of the stream. Those that paid the most attention will get the prizes. There will be 5 questions, and each answer will be rewarded with 0.001 btc. ... We are hoping to have fun during the stream, so it's better to approach it as relaxed as possible, and 'go with the flow'. We are actually still opened to any suggestions you might have, so feel free to post them down below. The stream will be officially starting at 10 PM (GMT + 1), so I hope most of you will manage to join us there. See you soon! Cheers!
  9. Alright, time to make a closure. Detailed explanation was already given to 77kdub, so there is no need to make drama out of this. Since all of you are here for quite some time, you could see that nobody got demodded without a reason, and this was not a sudden decision based on one thing only, or on something that happened minutes before she lost her mod tag. Please, respect this decision. I get that all of you are her friends on and off the site, so I do understand all of you being upset, but there is nothing that can be done anymore. Take care, everyone!
  10. HILO stream is finally here! :)

    17 hours until closing this topic! Glad you guys and girls like the idea! Keep on going!
  11. Maths giveaway !! 20K+10K

    Am I sleepy, or train couldn't and shouldn't go backwards?
  12. HILO stream is finally here! :)

    Unfortunately, that won't be an option... If anyone of those in top 5 don't appear, we will choose the next one to participate.
  13. #IrenaHiloStream

    Thank you for initiating this.
  14. Hello everyone! I'm so happy that many of you are interested in the new stream your favorite support is going to have! Since we have a lot of interesting stuff prepared for you, we want YOU to be a part of the stream! Your job is to hunt the biggest payout you can in Hilo, and top 5 with the biggest payouts will participate in LIVE Hilo! Expect a lot of surprises, a lot of prizes, special guests and a lot of fun! Prize pool for the prizes, rain, trivia, etc, will be 0.2, so make sure you don't miss it! This stream will be hosted by @Darko and me, and our best HRC friend @ri1ey. How to participate in Live Hilo? Just post your Hilo bets below, and make sure you're using the 'Insert bet ID' feature, and we will choose top 5 with the highest payouts. In case of a tie, we will choose the one that has bigger bet amount. Minimum bet amount in order to be eligible for this contest is 100 satoshi's. Only bets with the Bet ID over 202.500.000 will be accepted. The 'hunt' begins now, and ends 2 hours before the stream (at 8 PM - GMT + 1). We will announce top 5 as soon as possible after the closing, so you can be aware if you're in the top 5. The stream will start on Friday at 10 PM (GMT + 1)! Good luck everyone, looking forward to this! Hope we will all have fun! Cheers!
  15. Last Word Song Game 💗

    Have you ever really loved a woman - Bryan Adams