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  1. Irena

    I got a t-shirt!!

    Really, @SuddenlyBroke, taking a pic of the t-shirt? We know how it looks like, we have to see you as a model!
  2. Irena


    Welcome to the forum, as well, @DeadPunk! Hope you will have fun here, as well as on the site. Let us know if we can help with anything! Cheers!
  3. Irena

    [Seeking] 0.002 btc loan

    @anonnep, is the first loan returned?
  4. Irena

    Kuleguten Stream #56! Giveaways!

    Have fun, kuleeee!
  5. Irena

    Last letter game!!

  6. Hilo:454,801,795 placed by Irena Wagered: 0.00001234 Payout: 10.26x Profit: 0.00011426
  7. Irena

    FIFA championship music vids

    True, true. I would always choose Nicky over Jason. And it's not THAT bad, but not my cup of tea.
  8. Irena

    FIFA championship music vids

    Multitasking, bot confirmed. Btw, I don't like this 2018 song, to be honest, why would someone choose Jason Derulo to do something like that? 🤮
  9. Irena

    FIFA championship music vids

    Oh, well, I have to admit that Shakira is 😍. Wait, mav, what are you doing here, aren't you watching the match atm?
  10. Irena

    Scammer alert

    I guess that's something you have to deal with when loans are in question. I would have a few suggestions for both of you, but again, we really can't interfere when you made all the deals in PM. And, yes, you're aware that's not in our jurisdiction, but there is no need to abuse it. It will ruin your reputation either way. I hope you will return this, and everyone should think twice before taking/giving loans in the future. No need to be rude, there are polite ways to express your opinion, we are not here to fight, but to solve this if possible.
  11. Irena

    Lending - useful information

    I would be happy if they even read this, to be honest.
  12. Irena

    Scammer alert

    I explained everything here: PM deals won't be accepted like regular forum loans. Lesson learned for all of you. @blueprints, please, return the loans, regardless of the above. It's not okay to say 'I won't return it because you made it public', (s)he had every right to do that. Making alert is okay, @Kate, but unfortunately, we cannot take any actions here.
  13. Irena

    Is it true that plinko has emotions...?!

    Oh, it's a she now? If plinko was behaving, would that make it a he?
  14. Irena

    I love hilo i need strategy in hilo

    That's mostly how I play it. It's risky, but it pays of. Or not. The game depends on luck. I'm still waiting to hit AAA and KKK with decent bet amount, tho, I think I hit it once and it was something that happened looong time ago. And I missed the opportunity quite a few times lately.
  15. Irena

    Most exciting game

    The game that "keeps me awake" (especially during the night shift) is Plinko. You're constantly waiting for something huge to happen. But my love goes to Hilo, I guess I will never put any other game on the first place.