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  1. #IrenaHiloStream

    Sloooow down!!! I'm more for the evening stream, tbh, but we'll see.
  2. lolgato

    @lolgato banned. I hope this will be solved as soon as he comes online.
  3. Forum booster giveaway

    Hello, @skillex. Any kind of a warning is counted. Also, alts are not allowed to participate, keep that in mind.
  4. Guide: how to enable 2 way authentication

    Yes, it's still the same rule for the Stake accounts, you have to go through support in order to disable 2fa. I think formatting your PC with the desktop version of the Authenticator will actually delete all the codes, so you would have to disable the current ones, and enable new ones after you install your new Authenticator. If I'm wrong about this part, someone can correct me.
  5. My Stake song - “Busted Now” 🎶

    Wooooow, I love it, xtine! <3 Damn, you made me laugh, and I love your voice!
  6. Forum booster giveaway

    Hey! You should have at least 250 words in all 5 opening posts, yes. And you should try to post in both Russian and English sections, if possible. It should include all different boards, don't post more than one topic on one board.
  7. Forum booster giveaway

    Hey, Lexus! You can post in the Russian sections as well. And it's 250 WORDS in the opening post, so we could avoid spamming topics, and abusing the giveaway in that sense. Thank you!
  8. Forum booster giveaway

    Are you ready for a new giveaway? Let's keep this forum alive. The requirements for this one are pretty easy: Create interesting topics on forum! The opening post in the topic must have at least 250 words. You must enter with 5 topics on different boards (2 topics on Stake board, and 1 topic per board in Gambling, Cryptocurrency and Off Topic boards) The topic with the most replies will win. Entering the giveaway: In order to enter this giveaway you have to post in format like this: Username: Link of your topic: Restrictions: Your replies in the topic will be excluded from the number of the replies on that topic. When this giveaway ends, I will lock all the topics, and when the payouts are done, I will unlock them again. Don't post meaningless topics, and be aware that spamming comments will be deleted and not included in the post count. Whenever you create a new topic, share it in a new post, do not edit the previous one. Prizes: 1st place: 0.025 BTC 2nd place: 0.01 BTC 3rd place: 0.005 BTC 4th place: 0.005 BTC 5th place: 0.005 BTC IMPORTANT! Only one prize per user! If we find out that you are abusing the competition in any way, you will be banned from this one, and all the upcoming giveaways. You MUST have at least 100 forum posts by the end of the giveaway. Users with warning points will not be considered eligible. Only new topics will be eligible (the ones created after this giveaway is posted). This giveaway ends on January 27th at 1PM (GMT+1). Good luck, everyone!
  9. Not Paying dreramon

    @dreramon, you have 2 days to solve this out. 17.01.2018. EDIT: Banned.
  10. lolgato

    We cannot interfere into everyone's lives. I have good communication with him, but if he can't pay his loans, nothing I can do about that.
  11. Not Paying dreramon

    Is this loan returned?
  12. Sraboni being late with more than 3 weeks

    Thanks for the report, @skywallkee. @Sraboni, you have 2 days to return the loan, if not, your accounts will be banned. 17.01.2018. EDIT: Banned.
  13. lolgato

    Sorry to hear that, @kulegutten. You have 5 days to return the loan, @lolgato, if not, we will have to ban your account here and on Stake.
  14. #IrenaHiloStream

    LOL, interesting. Only if my club mates will join me.
  15. "Who Sent me Giveaway"

    LOL, can I participate? @CaptainLorca sent me here.