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  1. MAIN CARD: • Uriah Hall by KO/TKO • Rani Yahya by Submission • Gloriade Paula by Decision • Niklas Stolze by Decision • Ryan Benoit by KO/TKO • Bryan Barberena by KO/TKO PRELIMINARY CARD: • Yanan Wu by Decision • Collin Anglin by KO/TKO • Rafa Garcia by Submission • Kai Kamaka by Decision • Ashley Yoder by Decision • Trevin Jones by Submission • Philip Rowe by Submission TIEBREAKER: Round 2 2:22 Username: 7thRebuke
  2. Is VPN not allowed? I sometimes use VPN to access some slots I can't access in my location. And Most Stake Streamers are VPN users , how is that? Just wanna know to be aware. Thanks
  3. MAIN CARD: • Cory Sandhagen by KO/TKO • Macy Chiasson by Decision • Kyler Phillips by Decision • Darrick Minner by Decision • Miranda Maverick by Decision • Adrian Yanez by KO/TKO PRELIMINARY CARD: • Punahele Soriano by Decision • Nassourdine Imavov by KO/TKO • Mickey Gall by Decision • Julio Arce by KO/TKO • Sijara Eubanks by Submission • Hannah Goldy by Decision TIEBREAKER: R3 0:00 Full-time ID: 7thRebuke
  4. My worst experience in an online casino before I've found Stake was a stuck / slow withdraw that took more than a day coz it needed to be manually confirmed by the Admins. LOL . that's why if You'll choose an online casino site , better check the deposits/withdrawal time. It's kinda scammy if it takes a long time to hold your own money.
  5. That game mode sometimes give satisfaction, sometimes stress haha
  6. I would love to see coinflip player Vs player haha
  7. We all experienced this. It's a miracle winning something good sometimes. I had this the most in Stake Blackjack
  8. 7thRebuke

    Reload bonus

    True . Especially those premonthly 10 minute reloads . A friend of mine hits 5000x Limbo with 6 cents , He chased it for the whole 3 days and managed to hit it. Next time I'll have those 10 minute reloads , I'll just hunt big payout multiplier in Limbo as well. Who knows, Might hit it miraculously haha
  9. The man that feeds us with bonus drops
  10. I'm not knowledgeable much in NBA , but I love the Suns' odds tomorrow haha. I might YOLO
  11. 7thRebuke


    I just went to dice When I was near 80% , it took about 10$ for me to do that 20%+ . Dice is good for wagering if you have patience of watching the same animation for a long time
  12. True. That's why I love Stake , I've been in many crypto casino sites , The thing I don't like from those is they hold your withdraw for a long time. Until I found Stake, I consider one of the best features of a site if they offer : Instant Withdraw. TRX and XRP are actually the fastest. I just don't like XRP being unstable from time to time. You might see your balance reduced from time to time and You'll be confused what just happened
  13. I wonder when I will be lucky as them. Goodluck on next raffle
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