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  3. skillex

    0.06 Bitcoin from 0.00061742

    Thats great and pure luck for you mate! congrats! Hopeme too soon
  4. Thats nice to hear wil You're right sissy, greatness of project and profit matters too.
  5. Hello to fellow traders here, If you are holding a coin with huge total supply do you usually planning to hold it for long term or just short term not waiting for the moon? Since mostly all coins with billion supply is very seldom reaching $1 and if ever it reach $1 it goes back down. And if you hold a coin with just million supply. do you hold it for short term also? Let me know your strategy?
  6. Thats a very big help to eveyone new to this thing sissy! nice!
  7. Hello to veterans here, what will happen if a certain coin will reach its circulating supply to its maximum supply? Say for example EOS has currently have 800 million in circulation now and it has 1 billion in maximum supply, what will happen to its price if it hits its circulating supply to 1 billion?
  8. skillex

    [Airdrop] WebRunes

    WebRunes Airdrop!!! WebRunes -A browser-based open-source operating system with blockchain-powered cloud apps that use public decentralized storage of machine-readable data. This allows automatic data processing of all information uploaded into the web based on your interests. WebRunes is airdropping a total of 5,000,000 WGD tokens to the community members.You will get 250 WGD tokens for simple social media task. Submit Details Here (clean link) : https://wr.io Or please help me with my link : https://wr.io/airdrop/?afmc=35d
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    CGCX Airdrop

    CGCX Airdrop Calfin Global Crypto Exchange – CGCX, offers a state of the art, highly sophisticated hybrid trading platform. 1. Go To : https://tokensale.cgcx.io (clean link ) or feel free to help me with my link https://cgcx.io?stcref=e96173c1-d6ca-4c60-8177-ecf2021f86bb and click on ''Register for airdrop now'' 2. Verify your email and click on ''Join CGCZ Airdrop'' on your dashboard. 3. Complete social media tasks to earn up to 150 CGCX 4. Refer friends for 20 CGCX per friend you invite
  10. Thats nice to hear. In that way the other countries banning the mining of bitcoin like China will now change their mind.
  11. skillex

    Unofficial April Fantasy Trade Calculations

    Damn! Im number 44 now
  12. skillex

    Cute Virtual Pet powered by Blockchain

    Wow. just what I love pet the rabbits ,so cute 😍 thanks for sharing !
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    no problem
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    ---PAVOCOIN---- Transforming Agriculture with BlockchainIoT Blockchain for the AgTech Ecosystem. By bringing together the cutting-edge technologies of IoT and blockchain, and their vast experience in crop cultivation, Pavocoin is serving an agriculture ("Ag") ecosystem focused on highly technologized crop growing, processing, and distribution. *FEATURES ---PAVO’s IoT blockchain software platform is designed for the data-driven agriculture professional of the future. Website(clean link): https://pavocoin.com Or if you want to help me i'll be really happy ref-link: https://tokensale.pavocoin.com/?ref=bcdd31a46fccf84d5824824d
  15. skillex

    Most profitable?

    But boss Eddie is somehow right wil, marketcap is important when investing to a certain coin aside from its current price.