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  1. skillex

    War is over

    lol why are you copying me
  2. skillex

    Very Unpredictable

    Altcoin investment is very unpredictable. Trading in mercatox for example; I wont pointpick a name of a coin for respect also, but I wonder why the coins there that are listed just by the voting strategy defeated a coin that's been listed through paying the exchange. What I try to mean is I invest on this certain coin there that is listed there because they paid mercatox. Then I just ignore investing the other coin there that are just being listed there because they win the voting process. And I also do a thorough research before I invest like their website,social media sites,team and whitepaper, so in your mind I think you'll better invest to the other one that pay the exchange right? And that time they are still roughly at 5 gwei each the two coins. Now a 3 or 4 weeks later, the one blooming in price instead is the coin that won the voting. And the one Im investing is still stagnant. God damn it. I hate trading anymore. So tired trading already, no luck on it, urghh..
  3. skillex

    Beware crypto scam with video

    Thanks for the warning. Gotta list this to my blocklist.
  4. skillex

    Sell now Or still Hold?

    Its so frustrating to see the market this time even when ber month is already very near but the market seems really not cooperating. Bitcoin's price last year blooming to almost 21k now only got 5k. Will theory last year would really repeat itself or not? coz I wanna sell all mine now and not hope anymore. I think theres no hope in crypto anymore. 😞
  5. Well before i got my etb hacked but thats not the reason why I dont like ETN anymore. Its their incompetent way of not having 2fa security of in their early stage of launching their project that many users got hacked and they are just focus in advertising.
  6. In my almost a year trading, I have come to conclude that this altcoins in market were just a merely a copy-cat of bitcoin and ethereum. It was like only hype is driving their price; manipulated by the whales riding it in different market manipulating the volume. And now that people nowadays are more cautious in ivesting to crypto as what we observe from the price of Bitcoin not that volatile as before, maybe its better to not to invest to altcoins anymore. What do you have in mind?
  7. skillex

    Moment of your greatest Regret

    ouch, where did you get that 2 btc before by the way? by what year if you can still recall?
  8. skillex

    Moment of your greatest Regret

    dang, that was big pal ,i feel sorry for it
  9. Each of us have our different heartbreaking moments in loosing great amount of money or investments maybe by playing or either investing. Mine is selling my 1 million hydro tokens, 200k of it from airdrop and the remaining from trading in mercatox. I sell it very early not realizing its worth that its a great project coz i taught its just a fomo or a hype token.But now its price is already life-changing. How about your experience?
  10. skillex

    SVP - SVPER Airdrop 550 SVP (~ €33)

    is it a clean-link?, by the way, thanks a lot for the share.
  11. Dang! Im late, is there still airdrop happening? by the way its grreat and well detailed project platform.
  12. skillex

    Ceased in Altcoins

    As time pass by, this altcoins added in CMC keeps increasing also. Is there no end or ceased of producing new altcoins in market? If ever there will be no stopping then will there be a collapse happening? What do you have in mind?
  13. skillex

    CMC coin-listing

    I've been wondering since last month that Coinmarketcap isn't strict anymore in listing coins. As long as theres a little volume of a certain coin and when the dev send a request to CMC for coin-listing then it will be added right away in just a matter of days regradless of its legitimacy. I hope CMC will cointinue straining this scam coins continuing sprouting in the market.
  14. skillex

    Eth or Btc?

    When playing I always use btc but in my investment its ethereum since mostly all my airdrop tokens are in eth pairs.
  15. Yes for me the hype of ETN is already over.All I can suggest is that they should alt least burn half of their total supply to cope up with its demand crisis.