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  1. Device: PC Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-3210 CPU @ 3.20 GHz Operating System: Windows 10 (32 bit) 4gig ram Browser: Chrome Do you notice smoother animations on Stake 1 or Stake 2: Stake 2 Do you notice faster betting speed on Stake 1 or Stake 2: Stake 2 100% Are there any particular games you're having issues with on Stake 2: No issue so far. Are you currently playing on Stake 1 or Stake 2? If Stake 1, why: I keep playing now on stake 2 especially when hunting for giveaways. Seldom only in stake 1
  2. You're right man. Dice cant exceed what chartbet and limbo really does I just realized.
  3. yeah same ,its really safe and sound playing with not just big multiplier for getting not to many reds too.
  4. Hey guys, have you notice so far playing limbo, seems like its been similar or have just same pattern such as Dice game? though they differ a little since limbo is just a direct in payout or multiplier but still you can change the bet while changing also the payout x. So do your strategy on dice works on limbo too somehow?
  5. Great advice for playing there pal, thanks for this heads up. Well luck really matters the most too when playing also due to probably fair system no matter whats your strategies are.
  6. Mine is Molly Jane She has a perfect ass, boobs and body until now, damn it.
  7. Its up to you its your money bruh, listen to your instinct. If you have the guts to gamble your money then go for it.Just play safe with low multiplier perhaps for more greens.
  8. How sweet of you man. How lucky your girl could be whoever she is, I wonder
  9. What a touching story you got there man. Well Im happy that you and your wife are still okay at the end. Obviously your wife needs your time man, thats one factor for family and relationship and your trust and understanding to each other.
  10. lol why are you copying me
  11. Thats such a great news for the whole korea's sake also but hoping really its not just a poker face act by Kim Jong Un.
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