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  1. Sad to hear and I feel sorry for the victims fall for it.This type of ponzi's really making a bad image to cryptocurrencies itself.Just like in our country here in PH, there are a lot of news regarding Bitcoin investments using the name of bitcoin itself soliciting funds from people promising good returns and then after a few months they closed and turned scam.Then the media reported on news blaming the Bitcoin itself and warned everyone to don't invest on bitcoin anymore where infact bitcoin is just a digital currency and was just being used as a subject. The ignorants who doesnt know a thing about crypto are just believing and now they trait the word "bitcoin" as a scam.
  2. You are right. Bitcoin has a long way to go to prove to industry its true worth.We are on the modern era already and we humans never entend to be stagnant in learning so we ought to discover more and be more civilized. I know time will come where blockchain technology is very needed in financial system to help to fight financial inequality and to bring financial services to people without access to a bank.
  3. skillex

    Join Dogecash bounty free up to 5k coins

    Well worth a try already.Thanks for the share.Gotta try to participate on its bounty later on my free time.
  4. True.He's very secretive person eventhough he has accomplished marvelous idea from a worthless with no value btc before to a pioneering and top digital currency in market now.I don't know why he did not want to be recognize to people to be awarded at least.
  5. skillex

    Are these the starting signs of bullrun?

    Do you have IOST perhaps? Well as long as Bitcoin will manage to get back up or be stagnant or maintain its volume for a matter of time, I believe more altcoin will rise up also.
  6. skillex

    Claiming Prizes

    Now I know, thanks for this heads up. already claimed mine . Thanks!
  7. Baccarat:3,121,890,171 BACCARAT: 3,121,890,171 placed by skillex on 20/02/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 8x Profit 0.00000700
  8. Good question.I think it will really matter or affect the Bitcoin's price since if there is a founder and a team of a certain project then there will always be update on twitter or any social media at least, providing their project's development that will attract more and more investors and that will surely afftects the demand and so will the price.
  9. skillex

    Are these the starting signs of bullrun?

    Well altcoins really are dependent to Bitcoin's rise too. But if ever theres an alt will overtake BTC's dominance soon then this system will be changed and some altcoins for sure with their own platform will bloom without the aid of btc's blockchain anymore.
  10. skillex

    Blockchain Free XLM Giveaway

    It takes a week or two for me before I received it. I think its better you submit your KYC at first day of the week compared to submitting it it at week ends as what I've read feedbacks to some.
  11. skillex

    Are these the starting signs of bullrun?

    Maybe I'll have a try for Cardano since I hear a lot of good feedback from it too. Thanks for the suggestion. Is it really true that their fees are being burned?
  12. I'm same with you sissy. Since Im not rich and a breadwinner, I better invest it to low risk investments or I'll build my own business with it and I'll just play in stake with my spare.
  13. skillex

    Are these the starting signs of bullrun?

    Lucky for you. I should have bought some during bearish season although its not that high yet today still okay. Dont you have stock investment also? maybe you should try some to stock too as a quilateral for your loss in crypto if ever?
  14. skillex

    Unlimited alt coins

    I read about their website earlier since Im somehow curious and find out their objectives is so lame, no any point to conduct a project which is basically very useless.But yet they still manage to let their ANN thread be introduced by a legendary member in BTT and they have still update today in their twitter that they are listing new exchange again which they are negotiating 1.2 M dollars. Maybe they have some plan still to renew this project we dont know, but for me too they are garbage.
  15. skillex

    Unlimited alt coins

    we dont know wil until its been delisted in CMC for having no volume anymore.