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  1. The worst thing I've done after losing was asking for loan and then loan after loan until I didnt manage to recover it all anymore and that was really supressing.
  2. Me too, been waiting for months already and still doesnt received an email from them.
  3. Haha, I taught they are against it, and now they are creating their own? lol.. There's really no one can deny the fact of how important blockchain is. The truth speaks for itself. Lets just wait what wil the banks commentary to this.
  4. True. Its just the same as gambing. It requires a lot of patience and perseverance of waiting especially when doing long term. Thats why more people prefer doing short term investments although very risky and requires enough expertise and timing of right scalping.
  5. You are somehow right although not totally a hype. Maybe its just that VP is just not that balance friendly enough since mostly many didnt play it now compared before.
  6. skillex

    I finally hit it!

    Wow really? so, you didnt refresh the browser page also ever since? 😲
  7. skillex

    I finally hit it!

    Wow!! thats one hell of a hit right there.! How many hours of rolling did you able to hit that mate? Btw congrats!
  8. I'm just grinding my faucet till my limit claiming it per day will be done. Try and trying my luck to make it big or bust again.
  9. Well to show off how really Bitcoin will replace the stock currency someday it really needs to at least be of physical use as what your topic stated and well thats a really very great and good news. Time will come where the world can never deny the Bitcoin's importance anymore.
  10. You got that not big enough waggered though so why dont make a new account instead? to access the chat again. But to be permanently muted for me I think deserves a third chance but just three though for a wise person to understand.
  11. skillex

    Hidden tricks?

    Imma say its just a pure luck for them to hit that coz if there is a hidden trick to that then probably stake will correct it right away. Of course who's gambling company is operating just to do the charity deeds and not profitting? Its so obvious right?
  12. Not that Im kill joy but I guess this games we have in stake is already too much or a lot for the stake to provide us. Compare stake to any other crypto-gambling sites out there. The stake has its all aside from its beneficial forum. I think we are asking too much from our support and mods for more. We know its not that easy to build new game. Just an opinion here though not quarelling you.
  13. Right. Its better to just create new account if you noticed you got a really really bad account reputation anymore. Since gaining trust from the one we offended isnt as easy as you think and sometimes cannot be gain back anymore and it depends to every person we encounter.
  14. I like your idea chipito. Its a great solution to lessen this beggers indeed. And to give credit to our big waggerers also playing the game. And not just tip this funds to any random beggers newbies.
  15. Your profit does not depend by the price alone of certain coin instead its by the percentage it change no matter the price is below $1 or not. Since if you invest million of below $1 coin its as the same cost of investing a 100 only of above $100 coins right? So even just a little pricechange to this below $1 coins, its a big profit already.