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    skillex reacted to polor12 in Same almost like Dice?   
    is chartbet without the animation... and dice does not exceed 9999.. limbo 999999... dice start off point is. .01 to 99.99.. limbo 1.00 to 1000000..but don't know why it goes .99 at some point...nope can't compare with dice...because limbo stays between 1.00 to 1.85 most of the time...well the times i played..
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    skillex reacted to KiXxnTRiXx in Same almost like Dice?   
    Well, Dice can go low or high.. limbo only goes up till it crashes.. Dice payout limit is alot lower than limbo.. But other than those two, yeah its pretty much like dice! lol.. you either hit your goal, or you lose.. pretty similar in the play style.. just difference in options for the hunt and possible profit..
  3. Love
    skillex reacted to Edward in Same almost like Dice?   
    Pretty much exactly the same math behind both games, just displayed in different ways. 
    If you think about it though, pretty much all variations of gambling are just different ways of representing random numbers or outcomes. Therefore being pretty much "Dice".
    I very much enjoy Limbo over dice, however. 
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    skillex reacted to artcode in Share your biggest number here   
    I'm just surprise with this game (lmao) really insane number, what is the max number really ?
    Limbo: 3,317,607,251

  5. Thanks
    skillex got a reaction from Trigety in New to gambling? Quick Strategies and Tactics for the games on Stake   
    Great advice for playing there pal, thanks for this heads up. Well luck really matters the most too when playing also due to probably fair system no matter whats your strategies are.
  6. Wow
    skillex reacted to KiXxnTRiXx in Is anything safe? Google play app steals users crypto!   
    hmmm.. when on my phone, i do use an android but do not really use apps or any extensions other than the normally used and the ones i have already been using before like Coinbase, Google Auth and nothing that really has anything to do with crypto, so i think i am ok?.. i always have that sort of situation as a possibility in the back of my mind whenever i am downloading or installing any applications or extentions for anythng to be honest! Especially on android, since mine is always rooted...
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    skillex reacted to wry in Is anything safe? Google play app steals users crypto!   
    Attention Android Users!  (like me!)
    The bad guys keep getting cleverer and cleverer!
    A fake MetaMask App in the Google Play Store was found over the weekend.  How the bad guys got their malicious code past the people, well probably just algorithems, at Google has not yet been explained.  However, what is sure is that an app that if downloaded would hijack your send to addresses was exposed.  The news story didn't say how many times it had been downloaded, which would be nice to know.
    I'm really upset at how the bad guys seem to be staying one step ahead of industry players such as Google.  I have an android phone and have downloaded many apps from the Play Store.  While I'm smart enough not to keep that much crypto on something I carry around everywhere not everyone has that luxury.  Google should be ashamed.  I also have to hand it to the bad guys, I figured the app would be called something stupid like FREBTC4U but it actually had a legit name.
    Be careful out there!!
    Link to the story: https://www.coindesk.com/fake-metamask-app-on-google-play-store-hosted-crypto-malware
    Link to blog post detailing how it worked:  https://www.welivesecurity.com/2019/02/08/first-clipper-malware-google-play/
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    skillex reacted to wilbur in Your wife or gambling?   
    If i have a wife then wife first. I wanna win big sum here then gonna get a wife. Gambling is temporary, wife is for forever
  9. Haha
    skillex got a reaction from wilbur in If you have business, will you accept bitcoin?   
    Haha nothing like that yet man, Im still out of funds and besides Im also a noob in web making .Am just siting an example  
  10. Haha
    skillex reacted to wilbur in If you have business, will you accept bitcoin?   
    are you by chance trying or planning to make a business somethin like coins.ph? if so can you count me in. im no tech wizard but i can help through different things
  11. Haha
    skillex reacted to hamzafurqan in War is over   
    Thats such a great news for the whole korea's sake also but hoping really its not just a poker face act by Kim Jong  Un.  
  12. Haha
    skillex reacted to oxywizard in Last letter game!   
  13. Wow
    skillex reacted to Bojana in Last letter game!   
  14. Thanks
    skillex got a reaction from remember in Strategy to last the longest in roulette?   
    Thanks for that question Jesse
    You made Godloft gives out his secret strategy I didnt seen from him sharing before ,thanks too for this godloft, gotta try this, hope im lucky
  15. Haha
    skillex reacted to RicciRivero in Why is Sex so Delicious? :D   
    Oh damn hahah . Sex is fcking like "HEAVEN'' than masturbating yourself. well its a gift to both of them.
  16. Haha
    skillex reacted to wilberthh in Why is Sex so Delicious? :D   
    Sex is indeed one of the most fantastic gift for us, humans. Why it's better than masturbating? I don't know how to explain this either! LOL! 
  17. Love
    skillex reacted to Katarina in Last letter game!   
  18. Thanks
    skillex got a reaction from Viksen in Keno 10 hits deserved1000x multiplier win or more   
    I agree to your suggestion, coz getting 10 hits is not easy to obtain and are just seldom hit.
  19. Wow
    skillex reacted to wilberthh in Whats the best sport to do sportsbetting in your opinion?   
    I bet soccer mix parlay many times, even though I'm not good at all in this sports betting  But the best sport to bet for me is esport of course. And it's super fun!!!  
  20. Bitcoin
    skillex got a reaction from idonteatshit in North Korean hackers behind attacks on cryptocurrency exchanges, South Korean newspaper reports   
    Great info!
    You can never underestimate Asian hackers nowadays, they even have the guts to shutdown any bigtime companies in US ,and that was just in terms of fiat currency, but its not really impossible for this koreans to hack cryptocurrency since its just anonymous way of transactions as we all know "No system is Safe".
  21. Haha
    skillex got a reaction from SuddenlyBroke in Why is Sex so Delicious? :D   
    Hello guys, since its the right section to discuss this, why is sex so delicious? compared to just masturbating?  
  22. Bitcoin
    skillex got a reaction from wilberthh in What would you do if you have 10 btc?   
    If i have that big amount of money, I will spend the 30% of it and enjoy life  ,the other 30% of it will be converted and save in the bank, the remaining 10% of it I will invest to other coin like ripple,Iota and etc. ,the remaining 30% I will not convert and hold till btc rocks again  
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    skillex reacted to maverick528 in Reducing chat spam   
    Sometimes users generate spam in chat box, information that is of no interest to the rest of the users.
    And maybe this is the result of many users ignoring that they can do it in private.
    For example, you can do:
    /pm chatbot !seen maverick528
    to get privately in your Inbox the result of the "seen" command. You can also use this to know the number of unconfirmed transactions, the current bitcoin price, etc......
    /pm chatbot !help
    sends you a list of all the available commands.  
  24. Haha
    skillex reacted to Kargai in Share your fav porn site   
    You like porn between hamsters ? You weirdo.

  25. Haha
    skillex reacted to Gisele in Do you friend and family know how much BTC you have ?   
    No, a lot of them don't understand what is it. Hehehe
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