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  1. Hey guys I have an idea. I always get around 500-600 tickets every week for the $50000 drawing on Saturday but NEVER wins. What do you guys think of teaming up combining our tickets together in a pool to increase our chances of winning. We have to get together to have a chance at beating all these whales with hundreds of thousands of tickets. So how it works is anybody that wants to join will need to put their username in here and provide a screen shot of number of tickets you have at the end before the drawing starts. If one of us wins, we all win (in an equal % correlates to your tickets with the total tickets in pool). IDEAS ARE WELCOME, give me your input. And the person with the actual winning ticket gets $500 on top of their percentage from the $5000. What y’all think? Let me know who down?????
  2. I leveled up to VIP 5 and win 3k in the process, it’s all random bro. Can’t say they fixing games.
  3. All in your head bro, we all find some pattern to fit the narrative in our head, that’s gambling life
  4. Has stake give out the promotion bonus for the 50 billions bets yet? How does that work? Did anybody get the bonus?
  5. How did you get to that script page? I right click on the page and inspect but don’t see the page where I change the range from 2 to 1
  6. You probably got like 10-15 bucks anyways. It won’t be that much for what you wagered
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