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  1. If you send without tag, it's like sending to the casino itself. So you will need to contact stake support for help. They will give you details on how to prove this.
  2. I think you stated the point in the post, location. It says in the message, people from the US are not accepted due to the regulations.
  3. Bro you have to always double check that you use the correct address. This would not be stake's fault.
  4. Dice or limbo at low multis. Be sure to not spam all in otherwise sometimes you get wrecked. Can also try baccarat and betting on dealer and player. (Bc you will gain .98% but it can be made up with other games like mines etc) If you have just $20 it will be hard. But if you have let's say $200, it will be easier to do with 2-5 large bets to help with wagering. Make sure to calculate how much you would receive from VIP bonus etc if you do this.
  5. What about stake is a scam? Realizing the player is at a casino expecting big wins.. Community is nice tho, keeping some people level headed.
  6. Bought Bitcoin at 700$, nearly had half a Bitcoin. Also bought 7.5 eth at 75$. Got into Litecoin when it was 25$ or so. All were involved in trades for roughly double or about 33% of purchase price.
  7. I walk to work. Walk all the time at work. If I work earlier I usually walk even more. I tend to average 40-45km a week. (Some days I hit 13km in a day if I work early enough) Sadly all this walking has made me lose weight that I can't afford to lose. (From 60kg to 54kg in a months time...)
  8. Yeah I count 28 as well.. lol
  9. I think plat 3 is double of what plat 2 bonus is, 800$. Plus you possibly get performance added bonus. (Based on loss and profit, I think) Plus the reload if you are active. You still need around 95k give or take. Lots of wagering to be done.
  10. Alright @lordsgc I'm in agreement with you. No matter what you try to do to wager large amounts house edge will take some or at least part. I did end up getting platinum 2 yesterday. I used 6$, 12$, 25$ and 50$ wagers on dice 1.01. ended up losing about 40-50$. I was at 88.5%, took me about 25-35 mins to wager changing bet amounts frequently to avoid a loss at a higher amount.
  11. Tropicool can be decent with the 3 wild buy. Some of the other elk studio games have cheap bonus buys, i.e bompers. Keep in mind it is a slot and it will either wreck you or give you slightly above profit. I know you can't free play and buy those elk studio games. But I did see "watchgamestv" do a video on tropicool. (Like 25 bonus buys) just to give you an idea.
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