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  1. milleniumbets ORANGEEEE first time participation ❤️ hope to be selected
  2. i think you should not never found it profitable
  3. Maybe, it's been a while there has not been a Chinese winner
  4. Who you guys rooting to win TI10? I think OG gonna make it triple back to back TI champs
  5. They just scamming me probably None really cares if they scam me fuck
  6. Okay, so as per stake rules, when you reach VIP, you get a base amount plus something additional in case of loss. But now, support ( @Dijana ) tells me that I am not eligible for the additional bonus because I am in a profit of $85 Then I requested statistics from stake. Image is attached below. I am in losses in all time frames. So, now you guys, and other staff please tell me how it's fair, thanks. @eddiemirsolav @Dusan @stevee @Steve Up
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