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  1. 54k€ on Mystery Museum and 50k€ on Fruit Party
  2. I reached 7k with 15$ last month, did a 1$ strat on two numbers at the roulette table and then raised to 2$ when I hit, raised it every time I hit and then reached 7k
  3. Think it was 14 busts on 45% chance to win, that was a sad day
  4. ken7

    MY 1st POST

    Well, welcome to the best casino community!
  5. Stake is awesome dude, welcome!
  6. If you are playing to earn money, gambling is not for you. Should always be to have fun and pass the time, you will rarely be in profit over the long run.
  7. First of all, the live support is real friendly and competent, you will come a long way with that! Some other things that I really appriciate: * Stake originals * Reward system (rakeback, reload, boost and so on) - the more you play, the more they give you back! * Vault is gold! * Design is simple, yet amazing. Don't feel like anything is missing. * Have all the games I usually play, and looks like they got most of the providers (not an expert, just seems to me that most of the games are on Stake) As a gambler, you appriciate when you are being appriciated, I feel that I'm appriciated here so thats why I don't gamble anywhere else rn.
  8. Hiphop/rap, trance, pop, hardstyle, electronic, some jazz & classics to calm me down
  9. Congrats! Cash out and take a break bro
  10. 1. Have fun! 2. Don't see gambling as a way to make money, you won't in the long run. 3. If you do get lucky and hit something good, withdraw and take a break. 4. Casino is not a ATM machine, they wouldn't be around if people could make money, odds are in their favour. If you want to have the best chance at winning (in the long run), play low house edge games like BJ, Craps, Baccarat and so on, google it!
  11. that sounds amazing, but can someone confirm?
  12. Gems, Mystery museum and Reactoonz (1 :D)
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