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  1. The higher eddies multiplier is the more money you'll usually get because the less amount of people will usually hit it. I got $42 aswell but it was for x241 multiplier. But wasn't Dragons Tribe like a couple months ago lol? If you would have claimed it on the day you got the message you would have gotten the bonus but it only last until next weeks challenge. At least you know going forward
  2. Ive accepted the fact im never gonna win the raffle but from stakes point of view why would you cap it @ 300 entries, they are automatically losing money by even having a giveaway, and the only way stake makes money is by having people wager as much as they can (The casino will always win in the long run). So to make up for their generous $50K weekly giveaway they definitely want to incentivize the high rollers to bet more and more to get more raffle tickets. Also if your poor and broke why the hell are you gambling in the first place that's the worst financial decision lol, gambling is the reason the poor stay poor hahaha
  3. Plat 1 i had $187, now waiting for this months to see what it is
  4. Toyota GR Supra looks so cool!
  5. casino:48701178336 casino:48702150630 315x
  6. Hey guys i need to be more active on these forums so i decided to start with a pic!
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