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  1. Start the exe file, it doesnt need chrome.
  2. The value should be "2,000" (with comma) not 2000. Click the up arrow to change the value it only works with Auto , it wont increase while manually playing
  3. You can hit 1000x in 30 mins around 3 times if lucky. Chances are small for this though
  4. Next to "Increase on loss" change the value to 2,000 (its means 2x). Suit mean you can change the kind of the startcard. H = ♥️ , C = ♣️ , D=♦️ ,S=♠️
  5. Ask me any questions about it, before trying. And check the How-To video Good luck with it.
  6. Hey, when you fill the two boxes under startcard, put card rank in the first box and put card suit in the second box Suit only can be H, S, C, D Rank 2-10 and K,Q,J,A
  7. It means no internet or there no access to the site. or limited IP The api key only has letters and numbers no special characters Redownload the bot if no luck
  8. Hey, not planning to do it for android yet. Cant reach out to Dan, if he checks back here he will verify maybe the source as its available now.
  9. Not yet uploaded the source for safety reasons. Well i just uploaded the full prject to github: https://github.com/poky1084/Hilo-v2
  10. Helo Stakers, Today I released Hilo bot , it plays auto hilo and good for hunting big multipliers. You can play manual or auto betting in Hilo bot, and use pattern like Madcoin's hilobot Ask me any question related so i can answer them. Please be careful only use this bot if you have any experience and dont use if u are not sure what is it. Stats not added yet (profit, losestreaks, winstreaks), will be added if there will be requests for it. (in comments) Fill the patterns: Number 0 for going Low. Number 1 for going High. Number 2 for going Equal. Number 3 for random Number 4 for going the Lowest Odds. Example: card is 4 bot will pick lower Number 5 for going the Highest Odds Example: card is 4 bot picks higher Also the start card can be set, the rank and suit Using startcard and pattern: In Rank put one of these: A,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J,Q,K In Suit (kind of the card) one of these: H, C, D, S (H = ♥️ , C = ♣️ , D=♦️ ,S=♠️) In Pattern put numbers 0-5. Example: 2,4,5,5,1,0 To start play: To login use the Api key. Disclaimer: Never give your api key to anyone! https://stake.com/settings/security Api token Chrome: F12 > Application Tab> Local Storage > click stake> look session value Download: v2.0 (latest) https://github.com/poky1084/Hilo-v2/releases/tag/Hilo-v20 (github) If you donwload, only use this link above, if you get it from somewhere else thats your own risk. Project sourcecode: https://github.com/poky1084/Hilo-v2 Please do not try to sell, it is made for free. How to video:
  11. ITs not avaliable anymore for security reasons.
  12. To improve code just add probability math. And i think one HiloNext webrequest enough, i see its two times written in the code
  13. Trying ltc for quick transfer and simple
  14. Try to make profit first then bet that profit as next bet, if its lose then you only lose the profit you made in first game.
  15. With 1.01 multiplier these games dont give profit at all and just slowly rips your balance overtime. Good for wagering quickly large amounts but with loss in profit. Using dice to wager then swtich to plinko for recover.
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