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  1. its working if you have the bot or the link for it,
  2. Yeah seems all the bots were deleted from forum, not sure tho just searched and nothing showed up Its nice that you noticed it, i also was wondering how-why, more likley that many users were reporting losses of money due to bots, and noone were reporting wins of ton of money 🙂
  3. Its love to play Hilo it feels like you place a multi parlay on sports, cuz its every time multipliers the multies w/ eachother, whenever the guess is right Hi, there is a Hilo bot out there which works, its good for big multis
  4. poky1084

    4A didn' bust

    Yes, taking it like A=A=A=A will get x2131 multi, thats how much it is now.
  5. Hey, you r confusing the Telegram challenge chat with Stake chat. In telegram you can't post anything in the channels, but you can post the winning bet on Stake.com if you open the site and open chat at the top right corner and choose the Challenges chat instead of English chat.
  6. You can hit 1000x in 30 mins around 3 times if lucky. Chances are small for this though
  7. ITs not avaliable anymore for security reasons.
  8. Trying ltc for quick transfer and simple
  9. Try to make profit first then bet that profit as next bet, if its lose then you only lose the profit you made in first game.
  10. With 1.01 multiplier these games dont give profit at all and just slowly rips your balance overtime. Good for wagering quickly large amounts but with loss in profit. Using dice to wager then swtich to plinko for recover.
  11. Bonus buys can hit big multipliers ,if you hit big you get more back whats the prize was of bonus buy.
  12. That is many tickets to get into raffle. I would wager with it.
  13. If playing on 1x it will still lower you balance every time you hit a red and with green you cant get profit back like on 1.0102x. under 1x multi u get less back then your bet amount This chance gives back less what u bet on win
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