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  1. Fixed balances not shown Added Increments on win, bet reset on lose
  2. 😄 Sorry bot link was down for a day Link updated in first post, and its working😄
  3. Newer version released with support for play sound if win. Download in first post (https://forum.stake.com/topic/44407-hilo-bot-made-for-hunters/?tab=comments#comment-918054 v3.1 New pattern 7 for Skip New settings AND tabs Added: Stats , Stop button in bets tab, Play sound on win GUI update
  4. Its made for PC only, cant run on phone
  5. Added some feature in the bot. Latest release in the first post. https://forum.stake.com/topic/44407-hilo-bot-made-for-hunters/?do=findComment&comment=918054
  6. Hey, download the bot again, link in the first post. And change the site mirror (Stake mirror) in bot if can not login
  7. My aim to let others play hilo in auto mode and give a chance to get on the lucky wins list, and of course for fun. Thanks in advance for writing about it. If donwloaded previuos bots, donwload it again since i released a new update with fixes. "poky1084 released this 2 minutes ago" Get it again, its has fixed with the increases from now
  8. My bad, i fixed it now. Get the new updated link
  9. This setting will increase 2x every 10th loss (not consecutive) if that is what you meant This will 2x bet after every 10th bet
  10. Oh yes, tthis is added now I added in the bot
  11. Its added now in version 3.0 Hey, in the new version it is added. Download link in the first post
  12. Yes, finlly! I plan to add new features, just want to know all the features which needs to be added so i can roll out the new version in one update. For now there is two things that I plan to add, it is Balance and Pause on Multiplier. I appreciate your suggestion and would like to hear everything that needs to be added . (From everyone who has suggestions)
  13. Try first opening the site and placing a bet to see if there is no issues regarding this. If thats done then the bot should work also. Happy to hear that its working, Good hunting. Just to let u know the bot has new things in version 2.1, its states the errors if there is any
  14. Its love to play Hilo it feels like you place a multi parlay on sports, cuz its every time multipliers the multies w/ eachother, whenever the guess is right Hi, there is a Hilo bot out there which works, its good for big multis
  15. poky1084

    4A didn' bust

    Yes, taking it like A=A=A=A will get x2131 multi, thats how much it is now.
  16. Hey, you r confusing the Telegram challenge chat with Stake chat. In telegram you can't post anything in the channels, but you can post the winning bet on Stake.com if you open the site and open chat at the top right corner and choose the Challenges chat instead of English chat.
  17. Hey, it gives that error if there is an error in the server response, Try restarting the bot and login, and check on the site if there is an active hilo game..If so finish that manually
  18. Start the exe file, it doesnt need chrome.
  19. The value should be "2,000" (with comma) not 2000. Click the up arrow to change the value it only works with Auto , it wont increase while manually playing
  20. You can hit 1000x in 30 mins around 3 times if lucky. Chances are small for this though
  21. Next to "Increase on loss" change the value to 2,000 (its means 2x). Suit mean you can change the kind of the startcard. H = ♥️ , C = ♣️ , D=♦️ ,S=♠️
  22. Ask me any questions about it, before trying. And check the How-To video Good luck with it.
  23. Hey, when you fill the two boxes under startcard, put card rank in the first box and put card suit in the second box Suit only can be H, S, C, D Rank 2-10 and K,Q,J,A
  24. It means no internet or there no access to the site. or limited IP The api key only has letters and numbers no special characters Redownload the bot if no luck
  25. Hey, not planning to do it for android yet. Cant reach out to Dan, if he checks back here he will verify maybe the source as its available now.
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