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  1. @Mae1. @CenTo I miss my heros dearly. Have had the worst luck ever lately. Haaaalp!! Lol
  2. No just a week. Can only receive tips. Lol haaaaalp @Mae1 @CenTo @Cly_07 on tele The one I made about the ragging mod on the power trip who told me to appeal it then when i did he claimed it wasn’t even for that so he unmuted me just to mute me for only one week instead. I feel pretty confident in my statement.
  3. I’m not sure to be honest. But it’s kept me from chatting with my hero when I need a hero more than ever! @CenTo
  4. Then when you point out how ridiculous they are or how something is scammy or shady they just choose to silence you. Haha
  5. these mods be powertrippin like crazy lately. They are sad individuals honestly
  6. It’s not even designed for the “high rollers” hardly any of the “bonus” they give out is. It’s designed to get the average degenerate gambling junkie to get a little taste of the devil to get them to redepo in order to make as much money as they possibly can. It is both a genius money making machine as well at the same time the most ruthless scumbag business all in one. No different than a drug dealer. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit to hear some day how a bunch of people involved in owning it went to jail someday. But at the same time I’m jealous as fuck it’s not me with those concerns because I’m so goddamn rich like they are making themselves. And that concludes the lesson for the day kids. Tune in same time tomorrow for more. PS. I would never kill myself.
  7. Truly wish I would have known about this before giving away over $20k in chat in a few days time as I sit here busted, muted and wondering where all my “hero’s” went too.
  8. @CenTo my favorite person on stake and they’ve cut off our communications by muting me!! 😭😭 Then took me to the cleaners. Lol but hope you are winning hero 🦸‍♀️
  9. @Krynn having any luck lately? They done busted me bigger than thanksgiving turkey then muted me from chat 😔 I’m more of a vodka/Red Bull type but they busted me like a red headed stepchild then muted me like Hellen Keller. So disappointed. Now I got these wings to fly and nothing to do! 💸🧚
  10. Ya context clearly means nothing at all to them. But mostly just depends who it is obviously. Clearly I’m not scratching the right peoples backs though compared to the treatment I receive vs many others I see. As I said, highly highly disappointed. But after they milk you for all you got and you’re not loosing thousands to them they just move on to the next sucker. Appeal sent!!! What’s the chances of changing my name to Hellen Keller for how much y’all mute an innocent man of the people? (Also jokes. As in haha. Don’t perm me!) Thanks sugar! I guess you can’t send or receive tips if you are muted either huh?
  11. What else is there to discuss? I stated the facts. Highly disappointed.
  12. Someone who can’t look at context and see obvious humor isn’t going to be willing to see anyones side but their own. Typical bs in the world we live in today. Eddie must have them on quota and they reaching to meet it. Tipped out 20k in there month or so ago within a couple days guess I didn’t send it to the right people seeing all the shit that takes place they don’t even bat an eye at much less go on a muting power trip.
  13. Wtf….? Are these guys that sensitive or they really just have to show they are bullied in their real life so like super cops on a power trip? Was joking around when people was talking about how much they were down (which go figure fucking place has been flat out ruthless to me for months now) and said I was down millions…. A little exaggeration (but not by much). Someone replied “I’d off myself if I lost millions. I just lost $20 and am punching the chair”. I said “do yourself a favor and go ahead and do so. Wish I would have a long time ago would have saved me “millions”. Haha!” Then power tripping super mod comes in with the ridiculous two week ban. Calm your tits Batman and take a gd joke. I demand to be unmuted by days end. That is all. Sincerely, The MF Cly07
  14. So what about all the unrealistic outcomes in blackjack originals. I get the infinite deck deal but for the dealer to just so happen to more times than not end up with crazy cards to win with… I think most people not on the payroll can see why so many people talk about it being scammy the most. It just seems there’s no way it could just randomly more times than not end up pulling unrealistic cards out.
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