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  1. SLOTS: 58,464,432,462 placed by Horrorbusiness on 11/10/2021 Wagered 0.00000536 Multiplier 133.11765x Profit 0.00070815 Edit: even number requirement
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    The odds are astronomical if you’re not a high roller. They really should do different giveaways for each vip level
  3. libertine3

    Best wallet

    Definitely binance
  4. libertine3

    Hi Everyone!

    Can you elaborate on sports bikes plz
  5. Welcome Bojan! Congrats on the new position
  6. I use Stake almost exclusively on mobile so navigating the site is a little more difficult. One random suggestion: when it asks for two factor, it prompts the regular keyboard. Usually, when only numbers are requested, it’ll prompt the numpad (1-10). This is mainly a stylistic request but it does make two-factor a little bit easier on mobile. Hoping this is an easy coding fix and you can implement it. Thanks. It would be especially useful when you’re trying to rain/tip during an active chat session when there is a lot going on.
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