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  1. Hanzzzi Lucky Color: BLUE Good Luck to all 🍀
  2. Hanzzzi Lucky color: Orange 🧡 Good Luck to all 🥰
  3. Hanzzzi Lucky Color: BLUE Good Luck Stakers ❤️
  4. Hanzzzi Lucky Color: Indigo Good Luck to all stakers ❤️
  5. Hanzzzi Lucky Color: Violet Good Luck to all stakers ❤️
  6. Hanzzzi Good Luck to all stakers ❤️ Lucky Charm Color: Smaragdine
  7. Happy B-DAY stake! Best online crypto casino out there! Hanzzzi
  8. casino:51425689525 fullscreen ladies 10'000x on 20cent bet (1 book locked thats why 1.66bet) Incase this won't get accepted as 10'000x i have a higher multiplier below: casino:51906160605 Here the replay of the 10'000x if you're interested: https://replay.nolimitcity.com/show/yuagoopuga?device=desktop&language=en
  9. Looking good so far. I guess I can try with higher bets now
  10. thanks man need like 20% to P3 for that juicy 800$ bonus. Gonna try your strat out for sure
  11. I wagered around 500k and got 380$ bonus. (I profited like 15'000$ this month)
  12. working thanks a lot finally i can grind my way to Plat 3
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