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  1. Congrats! Take some to cashoutland!
  2. enjoyed the 50$ postmonthly just unfortunate it was gone in 2 minutes @ Plinko
  3. Never ending challenge probably even in 10 years still going on haha
  4. Congrats enjoy the Platinum 1 Bonus
  5. indeed its 400$ and doubling every additional rank
  6. I would wish to witness a 1000x plinko ball after 50'000 drops on same seed
  7. Try to keep your initial betstake on the same lvl. Don't raise it since mostly it will be gone in an hour
  8. unfortunately in a casino there are no "best" games Mostly you find those things nice where you won big
  9. Insane Win take it to cashoutland!
  10. Hanzzzi

    Favorite Side

    Player 4 the win!
  11. This feels pretty random to me. Sometime its the 2. tease sometimes the 20. tease. Can't really determine a pattern.
  12. I think the winners ain't drawn yet
  13. i love it eventho it has been 45'000 balls and no 1k x
  14. Hanzzzi Lucky color: Fawn Stake best crypto casino outthere! Love it Stake 4 ever! ❤️
  15. Hanzzzi Lucky Color: BLUE Good Luck to all 🍀
  16. Hanzzzi Lucky color: Orange 🧡 Good Luck to all 🥰
  17. Hanzzzi Lucky Color: BLUE Good Luck Stakers ❤️
  18. Hanzzzi Lucky Color: Indigo Good Luck to all stakers ❤️
  19. Hanzzzi Lucky Color: Violet Good Luck to all stakers ❤️
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