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  1. Yep, i play alot of BJ hands Stake blackjack is one of the worst game in originals, my advice is to stay away from it. I only play live BJ from now on The losing streak is unreal, even with perfect BJ strats My losing streak record was around 15-17 hands if i remember correctly, only to chase 5$, meanwhile my winning streak is not more than 6 I probably gonna get roasted for my opinions, but you're welcome to try it for yourself
  2. i would love to! been here stake for a quite long time and also quite good interracting with people stake : veeds36
  3. casino:55674510045 13x casino:55673013848 24x casino:55673931829 29x casino:55672560440 27x casino:55672438445 18x casino:55672020899 260x casino:55671831572 10x casino:55136526203 26x casino:55722611056 170x casino:55726258209 120x casino:55730379572 10x casino:55727065164 15x casino:55728031523 37x casino:55728510983 43x casino:55729064917 83x casino:55730968882 76x casino:55732033928 22x casino:55732295218 33x casino:55733764123 41x casino:55734574231 56x
  4. Down 500$ with 120k wagered, idk what to expect hope its something good
  5. CSGO match tips thank me later 1WIN vs X-KOM AGO my picks : X-KOM AGO 2.00x odds Why? X-kom ago has a good performance these past months and it will definitely annihilate 1win easily the match starts in roughly 3 hours dont forget
  6. Preliminary Card Jonathan Martinez vs Marcelo Rojo / Marcelo Rojo - Majority Decision Dalcha Lungiambula vs Marc - AndrΓ© Barriault / Dalcha Lungiambula - Submission Julian Erosa vs Charles Jourdain / Charles Jourdain - K/O Jack Shore vs Liudvik Sholinian / Jack Shore - Majority Decision Molly McCann vs Ji Yeon Kim / Molly McCann - Submission MAIN CARD Paddy Pimblett vs Luigi Vendramini / Paddy Pimblett - Majority Decision Modestas Bukauskas vs Khalil Rountree Jr / Modestas Bukauskas - K/O Alex Morono vs David Zawada / DavidZ awada- K/O Tom Aspinall vs Sergey Spivak / Tom Aspinall - Majority Decision Derek Brunson vs Darren Till / Darren Till - K/O Tie breaker : Paddy Pimblett vs Luigi Vendramini R2 2:22
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