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  1. kiel1407 Steve one of my favourite color LMAO
  2. kiel1407 banan (first time joining the forum giveaway gl guys)
  3. I can finally entered the forum giveaway this week. thanks god
  4. well it's like your playing against a computer with giving them great odds. yeah pretty much rigged KAPPA.
  5. no one can answer that. it's just pure luck
  6. bacon and egg with bread for sure
  7. the OG's anime are one piece and naruto but you are going to ruin your life by watching from now cause it has so many episodes and you can't just stop from watching cause it gets better and better
  8. thank you so much for helping me a while ago i've managed to log in, in the forum. u are right the problem is the isp. its blocking ur site. thank you so much again for the help
  9. captcha destroying bots in getting the bonus drop. LMAO finally i can join the forum giveaway. i think your trying to do that as well with the 10 posts u go there. goodluck to us on Saturday dude
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