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  1. Coin value on some slots is the dollar amount you're betting on 1 coin. The slots with coin value usually have a minimum amount of coins to bet. The bet is the total amount you're staking on a spin.
  2. Mines are tricky. I always go for checkerboard pattern haha
  3. Dice is super random and can be hit or miss, I usually go for the 10% chance of hitting and give it 10 tries.
  4. LTC is a good price with lots fees, plus it's easily handled by a lot of sites.
  5. I usually go for small bets with 24 mines, it's a 24x times your bet so if you hit it within 24 tries, you profit.
  6. You usually bet what you feel comfortable with, but low bets will have low prizes. You can also do higher bets which make higher hits, but youre risking more money.
  7. Turbo spins to try and catch bonuses πŸ€ͺ
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