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  1. wilbur

    Highest deposit

    What is your highest deposit in stake and how well/bad did it go? What happened after the deposit? Do you mind to share it?
  2. wilbur

    🎉 1st Anniversary 🎉

    Haha i wanna suggest a free "giveaway" to those people who are loyal to stake since its 1st month until now. Those peeps deserve rewards too. I mean the old players who are still active until now (in forum, community and betting) how bout that
  3. wilbur

    Coins.ph XRP

    Bat ganon? Walang xrp sa coins.ph ko kahit inuninstall ko na yung app tas ininstall ko dati? Gusto ko sana maglagay ng XRP sa coins eh
  4. wilbur

    Gambler's Beginning

    May it be online or offline How did you start gambling? How are you introduced to gambling? Share it,
  5. wilbur

    33 BTC lose?

    Username is cadavor, Online 20 days ago. Probably banned already
  6. wilbur

    [Micro Loans Service] Wilburito Shop

    Sent and gl
  7. wilbur

    33 BTC lose?

    Lol yeah. He's always around before he was banned. He always stream
  8. wilbur

    33 BTC lose?

    Not a bug bud. If you know cadavor when he threw tantrum and betted that one and even tried to sell it in reddit haha
  9. oh boy oh boy i just said im not loool dope really im not
  10. haha yeah im broke, im from asia hehehe
  11. haha not really . lool i have invested 2 years ago but that was only 0.5 and i used that last year when it was 4k eish. and im kinda crypto broke lol
  12. newsfeed from my facebook also years ago but i ignored it, then i heard bitcoin is booming so here i am 2 yrs ago
  13. wilbur

    Any online business ?

    I wonder what this feels like. Havent been into darko webs. Idk even how to enter and make business there
  14. wilbur

    Any online business ?

    Selling OOTD outfits on social media :"D pre loved or ordered
  15. Keno and DiamonPoker insta reveal all you have to do is click bet