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  1. Stake username: wilbur Seeking for: 0.0008 Payback date: 14 days after i received the loan (it depends if i win in an instant) Short/Long Term Loan: Long term
  2. good morning shinjo! good luck #rainbowsheep username: wilbur
  3. error

    you cant also log in at that time. don't what happened but it's fixed now
  4. Strategy and luck

    that's why I said in my comment to compute for the odds. there are many ways to avoid that. using maths and strat and probability. the only thing that the strat isnt working is because of their bankroll. In my opinion though
  5. Strategy and luck

    uhmm yeah? I have this kind of strat in mind but I dont have the capacity to do it. my plan is 1 btc bank roll or balance and base bet is 1 , dice martingale. it will take forever to lose. pls do use odds computation on chatbot command and see
  6. Sharable Live Stats

    maybe read first some of the topics here before posting i have the same concept in mind and also to kargai . so it's better to read the suggestions first
  7. Hello world

    welcome to stake good luck buddy on betting
  8. Keno Style

    @Snike 132k with this strat and still continued so i died @dreramon you're most welcome i love to share this different kind of style of playing
  9. Online Casino Vs Physical(real) Casino

    how do they apply house edge on real casino ? @Ugeller o.O?
  10. gary seems like mute to me. but wanna here its voice haha yeah i would prefer that
  11. What will you do now?

    vote casted. im one of the people wants the bubble to deflate at least a little to buy somefin -____- cant even afford depo now
  12. Bad night - reds streak

    that's super ouchie man. Alcohol should be cleansing you but alcohol cleansed your balance haha lesson learn master? gl next time buddy
  13. Bitcoin is officially $15.000!

    it's already 16.8k as of now. the bubble is still blown. i dont know im going to be happy or not
  14. Guess the smile game

    yep he is. post another pic kargai