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  1. March 2018 Alt coins?

    well if you havent participated in ICO i think the only option is to wait for them to release it
  2. Strategy for hitting 1000x plinko

    that's why i dont believe in preroll plinko. 1000x will come at any anytime when you really dont expect it im still laughing so hard godloft haha
  3. Bitcoin is . . .

    hahaha should i edit it to , what is bitcoin for you? nice one for explanation . kudos
  4. March 2018 Alt coins?

    https://swap.wanchain.org/ you can check it here i have read about wan coin and they finished distributing and ready to release it for trading good luck buddy
  5. March 2018 Alt coins?

    oh greeaaat choice haha nice one i used to hold ripple and stellar but like i told you i all in it on paccoin haha on that wan coin you can buy directly to their site if you want
  6. NaN NaN NaN Status

    viksen not just on chartbet im playing mines at that time so as explained above, you lost your connection to the server
  7. добыча биткойн

    Здесь очень много faucethub.io вы можете выбрать они позволят вам потребовать сборщик каждые 5 минут
  8. what do alt coin do you want to buy this march 2018? and what do you hold currently today ? as for me im holding paccoin (all in) right now hoping that their news isnt fake. i've risked all that i have for this coin haha im planning to hold it till it will go up
  9. Is bitcoin an asset or a currency ? lately ive been thinking what is bitcoin actually i mean how do you classify bitcoin in general, what do you think?
  10. what are your comments of current giveaways and promotions as of today, compared to the past giveaways? well as for me i love the giveaways today when it compares to the past because "for me" it's like a poor friendly giveaway and more players can participate how bout u?
  11. Fast Diamond Poker

    very nice when it comes to DP hunting right? i love diamond poker now because of it's speed
  12. Rotate thy seed

    so rotating seeds and picking your own seed name is just the same?
  13. Rotate thy seed

    what's the difference of rotating your seed or putting a name on your desired seed? as far as i know rotating seed will make you go back to your last seed and putting a name on your desired seed will completely get different seeds correct this pls
  14. plinko 1000x

    uhmm yeah , i tried but i didnt count 1000 bets before changing it. i hit several max hits not just 1000x but some other high multiplier not changing seeds
  15. manually typing the name.of the site would greatly eliminate the chance of going to a phising site so dont be lazy on typing just for this purpose