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  1. wilbur

    Cryptocurrency Meme

    How to bait a girl. Ez pz
  2. wilbur

    Red Pill or Blue pill a question ?

    Lol i dont mind visiting any casino for 1M$ I gamble not just to have fun anyways. So ill pick the red pill, no doubt.
  3. wilbur

    Hi po

    Welcome precious. Looool wag mo naman akitin yung mga pinoy sa sugal. Haha madali ma adik yung mga yun eh. Sana nga hindi sugal to
  4. wilbur

    Will you stay or will you go?

    What i do is to rage bet one time. If it doest work then well, okay next game. There are lots of game and i dont engulf myself in one game only. Red streak to other game then one big bet then if it turns out good or bad then move to the next game That is the beauty of casino with many games
  5. Lol it's just small withdrawal and they're keeping it for so long it's just sooo unfair, blaming blockchain for the confirmation that it seems like they are not at fault(from the support). I never bothered to see a third glimpse of that site And yes it was confirmed
  6. wilbur

    New Year Resolution Targets To Achieve

    Haha my stats for every game sucks except for roulette and baccarat. I do not want. What im trying to improve is not the stats for every single game but the overall hehe and im trying to do it through keno
  7. wilbur

    The Bitcoin investors' disappointment

    Ikr, investors who bought it at 7000-15000$ are frustrated. Imagine patiently waiting for 5-10 yrs for your money to recover and grow. Should have invested something else. But the good thing is, price inflation can happen anytime
  8. I have been hopping from different gambling sites that is why i dont hang around that much like it used to be. The most common, annoying, frustrating and pissing incident that always happen that i really dislike is the pending withdrawal. I have always asked their 24/7 support (which is not really 24/7 😑😑😑😠) what maybe the reason for the pending withdrawal and the need to be approved by the admins. And their answer was "sorry for the inconvience" oh boy that helped me to understand. Sighhh Good for stake for having insta withdrawal Look at this one, this is my recent pending withdrawal, 10hrs ago and still no confirmation. Just an additional question, why do sites have to do manual withdrawal when there is auto withdraw? Hmm
  9. wilbur

    New Year Resolution Targets To Achieve

    My only target this year is to make my negative profile into green. I hope i can do it this year. I failed last year and instead i added more reds to it haha
  10. When becoming crazy like what you have said, then it depends already on the player. Becoming crazy sometimes gives you a crazy profit 😉 good luck
  11. The bust, what else What he is trying to say is. You still have a game to play after you busted. You tend to forget the bets you made when you are concentrated on the other games. And it says alternate, so it's "like" a vault but with risk
  12. wilbur

    Help us create the new Keno Payouts!

    Just an additional suggestion, @Edward As a keno lover (even though keno doesnt love me back) can you add a long term promotional hunt for the very first user to hit 100x? After the release of stakev2
  13. wilbur

    The Bitcoin investors' disappointment

    When you say something that is tangible backing bitcoin, what do you mean? Because banks and some convinience stores (tangible in nature) are supporting bitcoin. Is supporting not backing? Haha sorry i dont get it For example, 7/11.
  14. wilbur

    Facts about the Stake Forum

    I never thought to be one of the most topics and replies Ughhh such a spammer Thanks for the information Ty also to the given interesting portals(links)
  15. Shaniqua was true to his words. It took a time to be paid (loan) but he paid anyways after his hiatus. Good luck mate. Gl gl