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  1. wilbur

    Bitcoin.com sponsored MMA Fight, can Stake.com do this?

    Sooooo much expensive and risky. Coz useless advertising makes your money, effort and time useless. And i think mei did a good job a fixed her shirt and cap before the announcement. And camera was focused on her too lol Onefc is the biggest MMA org here in asia.
  2. I have been waiting for this
  3. wilbur

    Illegal ang pagsusugal

    Hanap nalang ng iba sakin haha or VPN for sure Pag dumating na tsaka nalang ako magdecide. Pero wg sana
  4. wilbur

    Forum Eth React

    In the future ? Why not? Lol if they say they are going to implement it then it will take months before it happens.
  5. wilbur

    Bitcoin.com sponsored MMA Fight, can Stake.com do this?

    The fight was the main event in one championship and yeah she lost to the champ Stake sponsoring event? I dont think so. Maybe if there is, they will be late in the funds again bahahaha PS. Im a huge fun of MMA one championship so i know that very well
  6. wilbur

    Chartbet unli multiplier?

    Hoooooly mollllllly There is a multiplier on chartbet more than 10k O.O
  7. wilbur

    Chartbet unli multiplier?

    Oh wow oh wow. Who? I can not find it in the list of posts. 108k multiplier on chartbet . Now that is new
  8. wilbur

    Chartbet unli multiplier?

    Hmmmm naybe you are right. But what might be the max multiplier of this game
  9. wilbur

    [Micro Loans Service] Wilburito Shop

    100k sent. Lol
  10. wilbur

    [Micro Loans Service] Wilburito Shop

    Sent and gl. Just in time
  11. wilbur

    Chartbet unli multiplier?

    This question just popped up in my mind. Is the chartbet really has an unlimited multiplier or is it capped ot maxed into numbers we just dont know? Hmmmm
  12. wilbur

    Highest multiplier game

    4.4mx multiplier of the two users. That one only Havent seen and some of the user's 50kx hit with 20 sats and 10
  13. wilbur

    XRP what happened

    So XRP was one of the booming coin last year? The greatest jump of price of all time. But how bout now? What do you think about it
  14. Sa tinagal tagal niyo dito sa stake meron ba kayong naging kaibigan na taga ibang bansa? Kahit na minsan hirap makipag english. Go lang
  15. wilbur

    Forum Eth React

    Dan do the forum things i think so basically he can do it without the devs work haha Thanks sir han