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  1. wilbur

    Stake Lottery! #1

    Sent 0.0001 Lol im back
  2. Shocks nabisto na ako para sakin naman nung post ko lagi dito iisa lang o dadalawa lang nagrereply kahit na shineshare ko every time dun sa fil chat natin. Kaya tinamad na rin ako dahil dun. Walang interaction kumbaga
  3. wilbur

    Plinko 1000x

    Try to create topic in filipino thread. Let's discuss there
  4. wilbur

    Plinko 1000x

    Wp pablo. Hahaha titan gel na yan Enjoy the winnings
  5. Just a sorry and no refund sighhhh =.=' money wasted
  6. wilbur

    dagdag currency

    Hahaha ako sa satoshi ajinomoto Refound lagi Yep. Total wagered mo mga yan per currency Pero walang kinalaman sa PPP Parang stats lang yan
  7. I deposited 0.1 eth and nothing came. I ask the support and they responded 1 day with this. I replied they should have stated that in FAQs daymn... Not going to visit that site again. I read their faqs and they didnt stated this thing
  8. HILO: 775,389,536 placed by wilbur on 11/09/2018 Wagered 0.00524288 Multiplier 9.90214x Profit 0.04667285
  9. wilbur

    LTC with Fiah !

    Hehe ltc is 0.008-ish atm Thank you man you too gl gl Lol yeah . Ofc Gl gl paec Okay i guess we have it both wrong. I think ltc fire is not installed yet look at this one (pls dont mute me, i played and chat-ted w my bank haha) No fire given even if i won 2 whole coin (just a recovery of what i have)
  10. wilbur

    LTC with Fiah !

    Haha ikr. 1 whole coin. Damn feel rish for at least once Is it based on the value? (In dollars) More than 1 million satoshi is fire, well yeah i guess they scaled ltc to something more than a million satoshi converted to ltc is equivalent to fire too Thanks for the idea
  11. wilbur

    LTC with Fiah !

    Okay so here i am experimenting with LTC lol (it feels like playing mickey mouse money) I tried 1 LTC bet but no fire how much is needed to have an LTC fire?
  12. wilbur

    how i lost my 35k peso

    i always do street gambling and i must say betting right amount of money on every games is the key :D not that pro tho but i rarely bust there
  13. Roulette:707,936,177 placed by wilbur Wagered: 0.00002200 Payout: 36.00x Profit: 0.00077000
  14. wilbur

    Si Wilbur..

    hahaha oy ano lang naman. nasa gitna ako ng sobrang pangit at mejo gwapo haha i think