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  1. It says there in your freetime lol I still wanna play ps2 games but i have forgotten where did i put my joystick and cds😢😢😢
  2. Good luck man! Are you planning to have a baby anytime soon? I think if i am to get married too maybe i cant visit casino sites more often because im going to explore caves and mountains and expand love. Lol
  3. @Steve this is the real spam Haha Close this thread and let me win Plz
  4. Im going to contact eddie to end this post
  5. If i have a wife then wife first. I wanna win big sum here then gonna get a wife. Gambling is temporary, wife is for forever
  6. or els i will win! but the one who posted this is prolly not playing anymore
  7. kung hindi man cinacashout ginagamit ko to pangload o kaya naman pang bili ng steam credits para sa dota 2 hehe
  8. are you by chance trying or planning to make a business somethin like coins.ph? if so can you count me in. im no tech wizard but i can help through different things
  9. Ow goodness lemme win this one or else
  10. Twice lang sakin. Pero sa scratch it talaga ako kaso tinigil ko na para lang ako nagdodonate ng pera dun e
  11. When it comes to quicker transactions i beg to disagree but i think bitcoin same wallet to wallet transactions are much faster just scan their API. And about the price changes of bitcoin, that is the beauty of it. It may go down overnight but, BUT it can go high overnight to. Thinking you a business and is accepting bitcoin as an alternative payment then it is considered that the bitcoin payments are investments, not until you withdraw it.
  12. You sell netflix accounts? Haha wow how do you buy and sell those kinds of products. Surely paypal is risky and has pricey fees. Yeah, it changes from time to time, far more volatile than fiat. That is the risk of it
  13. My dream is to have my own business even before i met bitcoin. But right now, i like bitcoin too. If you have a business will you accept bitcoin as a mode of payment to your service or product? Why or why not?
  14. As long as you are comfortable when you lose then you can go. But think twice bro. That's a nice money, better buy a pair of shoes within that profit
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