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  1. Congratulations and Merry christmas !!
  2. @fonfdanslmurde ouf elle est dingue mais par contre la derniere fois j'ai fait 400spins sans bonus
  3. Mrbearcocktail Favorite color : Green Thanks for the giveaways good luck everyone ❤️
  4. @Paolo13100Oui il est vrai le bonus est dure mais elle a un bon potentiels en farm je pense également
  5. Bonjour tout le monde : Alors un petit topic sur les dernière nouvelles machine qui sont sortie depuis quelques mois. Avez vous fait de belle win ? Avez vous aimez en particulier une nouvelles machines ce topic est la pour vous ❤️
  6. OBS Will be the best for record
  7. What is your Stake username ? 1 - My Stake username is : MrBearcocktail. How much time on average do you spend on French chat every day ? 2 - Im most of the time on the tchat because of my job ( i work at home ) so i have one of my screen on the french tchat. ( so maybe 8 to 14 hour a days ). Can you briefly explain what the job of a moderator is ? 3 - The job of the moderator is to manage and clean the tchat of the link or bad word ( make respect all the rules of the stake tchat ) Why do you want to become a moderator on this chat ? 4 - I spend a lot of time on stake and this is my only casino slot where i play , i help a lot of people when they ask something for help , i can manage french and speak english also that not a problem for me. i'm always here for help. i know every setup for help or contact the support stake or anything for a user. Why do you want to become a moderator on this chat ? 5 - one time at the beginning because i was helping someone and i send my discord name for explain him on vocal chanel its was my only mistake after this there is no muted or banned. Have you ever been a moderator on any other platform ? 6 - I don't know if i can say but i was a Admin on some server discord ( more than 10K people ) and server game ( more than 20-25k players ) Thanks a lot for the time you will read the post. Best Regards Mrbearcocktail
  8. im at 49 000 balls and still not get the 1000x great hit for yyou man
  9. Username : Mrbearcocktail Luckycolor : Red Good luck everyone
  10. Why they are people like me and you i don't see any reason why you think about remove mods ^^ after we will say ok remove diamond after remove all the player but you keep me only ^^
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