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  1. You might be right Eisa. I won’t stop bugging support until I get the bonus. I didn’t stay awake for that stream for nothing. Ridiculous. Not sure how to delete this, but I ended up getting it! Uros looked into it and saved the day!
  2. Hello I won Eddies stream giveaway (not the 150k raffle, but the smaller giveaway). Where do I go to claim this? Comment #1098 was chosen as one of the random winners, which is my comment. It’s been 6 hours and I haven’t heard anything??
  3. I always rip my weekly bonus within a few hours Degen mode.
  4. Enjoy the fresh feeling while you can until those dry streaks hit
  5. I use binance to store my crypto.
  6. Not gonna lie I started out as a Live guy, but I have slowly started playing house games more often.
  7. I always bust when I play hilo. Keno or Plinko are g.
  8. Currently I’ve been into reality TV. Too hot to handle and The Circle
  9. ^^ didn’t realize I wasn’t logged in when I wrote that comment lol
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