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  1. Jarren benton. With KKKato on the track bitch
  2. Xbox 1. What do you guys play and what console do you use?
  3. The one by pragmatic Right before this was decent. Almost 400 payout I think
  4. 7k on $1 spin frost queen I think
  5. I tell stake they better find a pillow to bite down on because I'm going in dry. It's only fair. They didn't even spit on it when they railed me
  6. 7k $1 spin. I think frost queen is the name
  7. Mahhhfka


    Whats crackn folks? I tried to reply to Eddies giveaway post but the "REPLY" button doesnt exist. Any ideas? Im brand new to the forum. Difficult discussing anything in stake chat and just found out the forum even existed so I have no idea how to use it efficiently other than another social media platform. I noticed that some of the races and promos give you the choice when you load the game to automatically opt in or out. Is there anything i should do here on the forum as far as making sure i am eligible for certain prizes, races, etc?
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