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  1. Haha
    Mahhhfka reacted to wiro212sableng in Share your fav porn site   
    Porn always get top views everywhere, lol. I saw here also, not much comments but so many people read looking for a new porn site maybe.  
  2. Payday
    Mahhhfka reacted to kin77 in When do you gamble?   
    only when there is a full moon
  3. Love
    Mahhhfka reacted to Laney0525 in When do you gamble?   
    Different times. When I'm bored or alone. 
  4. Love
    Mahhhfka reacted to Zamia2001 in When do you gamble?   
    wow mostly gamble during night time...maybe coz its more peaceful and faster internet connection..no hassle😄
    For me, whenever i hold my phone or laptop at home or outside  so anytime of the day or night.
  5. Love
    Mahhhfka reacted to rezil28 in When do you gamble?   
    All day and all night 😂
  6. Haha
    Mahhhfka reacted to sleepyW in When do you gamble?   
    I think the question's answer would be shorter if it were rephrased as , "is there anytime you don't gamble?" hahahahah,, but i roll on and off all day all night sometimes, mostly while watching manually , but also auto afk for little bits  anytime is a good time to WIN! hahaha
  7. Haha
    Mahhhfka reacted to Dave1280 in When do you gamble?   
    When I'm awake..
  8. Haha
    Mahhhfka reacted to Jamalnai in When do you gamble?   
    When don't I is a better question 
  9. Payday
    Mahhhfka reacted to Queenbee214 in Whats your biggest win   
    I was betting 1 ltc. And hit the 620×
  10. Sad
    Mahhhfka reacted to Gabp99 in Insane losing streaks   
    Well i see the bad streaks only, good streaks never comes 
  11. Sad
    Mahhhfka reacted to Gabp99 in Insane losing streaks   
    To be honest thanks to stake i don’t even like anymore playing.
    It’s just im sucked into their zombie retention program that continuously grow up ur addiction, to let u lose more and more till u have nothing.
    thanks for the advice anyways.
  12. Wow
    Mahhhfka reacted to Dexthesexx in Insane losing streaks   
    Crazy losing streaks. It’s lucky I didn’t play the odds are horrible on stake originals

  13. Haha
    Mahhhfka reacted to skorupt in What's your drug of choice?   
    i get high on life, say NO to drugs
  14. Haha
    Mahhhfka reacted to kin77 in The myth about squirting   
    My sister has told me that it is totally real, in fact she waters the plants with squirting
  15. Haha
    Mahhhfka reacted to TellyTrengis in Meth and Stake   
    Hello all,
    I've noticed in chat that a good few Stake players are regular users of methamphetamines in one form or another.  
    If you're one of those people.  Why do you do it and how does it make you feel?
    Have been thinking about getting involved so I can change my reloads to 10 mins and claim around the clock.
    Thanks in advance.
  16. Thanks
    Mahhhfka reacted to Shiro94 in New-ish   
    As far as I understand it you need to have 10 post on here to be able to reply in the promotions area, cheers.
  17. Payday
    Mahhhfka reacted to fredo386 in will u quit gambling if u win 5btc?   
    People that win big are people that are always all-in, like me, true degens addicts. Tight players that would quit with big profits simply don't do what it takes to hit big. So anyone hitting big will usually lose it back. In my case, i try to hit big to play more... not play less! Anyone claiming they could/would quit will simply never win big plain simple.
  18. Wow
    Mahhhfka reacted to Dexthesexx in Crash lagged and took my money   
    So I was playing crash again and I took Eddie’s advice and placed take profit at 2x. 2 bets back to back I entered bet and the bet didn’t go through it lagged again. Both bets hit 2x. Contacted my vip and Eddie about the issue however they have seen my video proof but no reply.
    here’s one of the bets screenshot. As you can see already placed bet however when the round was going on it was still loading. It didn’t happen once but twice?! 
    the last time I couldn’t cash out and was told to set auto take profit and was also told that it wasn’t stakes fault. This time round placed bet and set auto tp both bets hit my tp but says bet didn’t go through. Rly wonder what’s going on with stake originals.
    also another time was playing spin and glitch happened. The only answer I got from stake was to refresh the page instead on saying that they will look into it and correct the problem.
    why does stake always deny? 

  19. Sad
    Mahhhfka reacted to Dexthesexx in Crash lagged and took my money   
    I think experiencing lag when pressing cashout is one thing but unable to see your bet happen and no option to cashout is another which is what I’m facing- hanged at 1.00x for more than 20 seconds while still on bet
    I was quite optimistic as I knew I got a recording, a diamond member, wagered a hell lot with stake and I raised to my VIP. However all responsibilities had been pushed to me. If  such evidence isn’t enough I don’t know what else will convince them. 
    Even at the very least stake could offer a 50/50 responsibility which did not happen and still awaiting for their team to look into it.
  20. Thanks
    Mahhhfka reacted to Dexthesexx in Crash lagged and took my money   
    I feel that as players at stake we should be treated as clients instead of simply a bag of crypto or money. It’s simple to hand out bonuses but it’s hard to see how even with solid proof who have no rights
    i have sent my vip and Eddie another message and link to this forum thread hoping for them to take a closer look at this issue. Hopefully it does come to a fair conclusion.
    here’s an update from my vip 

  21. Wow
    Mahhhfka reacted to Dexthesexx in Crash lagged and took my money   
    I just feel so unjust where stake should at least put a disclaimer warning us that such things could happen.
    In a real life scenario where you’re in a Casino infront of a dealer playing blackjack. You were dealt with bad cards and before asking for the next card to get a stronger hand the dealer just so happened that he fainted hence you weren’t handed another card. The casino then stops the game and claims that you lost without giving you a fair just to get a better hand. 
    this is what I feel now, such a reputable site even with solid video proof sent but my vip does nothing
    Even being a diamond level and on vip there was 0 responsibility taken by stake. A clear video showing that cashout button did not appear and the game was skipped. 
    I was instead told to play other games as lag occurs however I explained again that this wasn’t a lag but the game hanged on me.
    This wasn’t the first time that happened either on the 16th May it happened 3 times and Eddie without hesitation said there was a lag and refunded $200 into my vault. Yesterday the bets amounted to $6500 and $7000 both lagged and just so happened it was claimed that there was 0 lag and my video proof was not taken into consideration.
    dear stakers, putting yourself in my shoes would you feel cheated? 
  22. Wow
    Mahhhfka reacted to Dexthesexx in Crash lagged and took my money   
    I was playing crash yesterday for 2 hours and when I increased my bet the game hanged. I wasn’t even able to hit cash out as it was stuck on the bet logo and multiplier was still at 1.00x. After waiting for 20 seconds or so I decided to refresh and realised that I’ve lost on that game and the next game has alr started for 5 seconds. 
    I know that it’s a multiplayer game and lags do exist and many experienced that as I’ve read the forum. However for my case if the cashout button didn’t even appear how would I stand a chance to win/ lose and lose my money for no reason.
    As gamblers we all want a good experience when gambling and understand that any amount of money we place we lose it on a proper bet and not due to such an issue.
    I hope admins will take more notice into this instead of telling me to play other non multiplier games instead or placing auto cash outs and any crash player would know that defeats the purpose of the game which is the excitement to ride the wave and cashout anytime you want.
    ive attached pictures below showing what has happened. 
    I would like to add that any player here would expect a fair fighting chance and nothing less however for my case here I had 0 chance. I have been wagering quite a lot on stake.com and would definitely not expect any less from them where I’ve sent a video proof to strengthen my argument.
  23. Love
    Mahhhfka reacted to Nevena in Stake Is Rigged   
    Hello there, guys!
    I will need to thank you for your honest opinion, but the only thing that is important here is, luck.
    We are sorry to hear that you have any doubts regarding our honesty and legitimacy, no one can interfere the outcome of anyone's bet.
    Those games are provided to us by a lot of different and trusted game providers.
    Those games are on dozens of other sites.
    You are more than welcome to play Stake original games and you will be able to verify those bets.
    Please, read more about the provably fair system and you'll see that the betting outcome is indeed random.
    Feel free to check this video:
    Let us know if you need more assistance on this one.
    Best of luck playing!
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