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  1. The website worked after a few minutes !
  2. Hello gamblers i am trying to log on stake and a msg pops up saying that they are under going maintenance !! is it only me or everyone has the same msg ???
  3. Too Much And u get the win when u least expect it !!! but it’s possible lol
  4. I was down for a long long time !! Around 6k down in total this is the thing , you will always lose until u get lucky and once u do , never go back just cash out and leave I kept playing and lost around 600-700 $ then cashed out and I hope I can hold my self and not gamble again
  5. 20,000x rainbow road https://replay.pragmaticplay.net/LHOKbTS7x8
  6. https://replay.pragmaticplay.net/LHOKbTS7x8
  7. For me I keep thinking of a number usually between 10 and 20k but a though keeps popping into my head what if I get the 10 k and try my luck with 2k maybe I would be able to turn the 2k into 50k lol
  8. we all play for fun but i was wondering what would the appropriate amount of money for you to quit gambling ??
  9. its sad that if you win you cannot stop and you want more and when u lose u keep on maximizing ur losses maybe time for a break
  10. Check out this weird screen shot !! do u think this was a hint for a max win or at least huge win ????
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