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  1. Just received a message in telegram........this really puts the shit smeared icing on cake...... I'm going to contact support again and if nothing is done I'll be taking my money to Roobet! * Please note, the 2nd monthly bonus is capped at a much lower amount ✌️ ** Please note, the 2nd monthly bonus for level 1 verified users will be sent within the next 7 days. Not upon completion
  2. $1.6M!!??? YOWZA!!! you definitely have WAY too much $ hahaha If you're ever feeling generous.... nsl751033 Well do yourself a favour and keep an eye out for the email.....mine came through 3 weeks ago and went through to my "Junk mail"......tried to claim it when i found it yesterday and apparently it's "Expired"
  3. The email stated "Claim your monthly bonus" as seen in attached file? Also i have now joined the "telegram channels for VIP" .....what leaves a sour taste in my mouth is the lack of care/ communication that was directed towards me as new player.....
  4. Hello all, I'm fairly new with stake so please be patient...... I was going through my emails yesterday and found an email from Stake on the 16th of June (in my junk mail) in regards to claiming my "Monthly Bonus"...... clicked on the link only to find "Error Bonus code not found" so I messaged support for help only to be told that It was "too late" to claim and that it had expired!?? I explained to support that the email I received had gone through to junk and was completely unaware of it as apart from the email there were no other notifications or any form of contact!?......support ignored my comments so I asked them "when exactly did it exactly Expire?" as I was also unaware there even was any "Expiry date" on a monthly bonus!?.....this was met with no reply......read through the Terms and conditions and there is nothing about an expiry date!?......after completing "Level one verification" (for the extra $10 bonus) I was also told that promo "had Expired"........I wagered thousands of my hard earned $ to qualify for the monthly/weekly bonuses only to be met with no reward and rude/unhelpful comments from chat.........is this normal behaviour from Stake? have I chosen the wrong site or just been "Unlucky"? Also curious just to get a rough idea of what a "Bronze Level" with just under $15K wagered in bets would of received as a "Monthly Bonus"?
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