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  1. juseybusey Here is Gary painting the town yellow and his friend Banana Man with his yellow cape
  2. not sure if anyone has mentioned this one, but at 5 cents spin on most casinos but most importantly on stake, is Spinions by Quickspin and it is a big hitter at that price with frequent 20x+ hits and 100x or greater base game respins and features not uncommon.
  3. juseybusey wedding dress white
  4. plinko or mines or crash or keno. Usually 10-300 will happen quick with one of those if it is ging to happen.
  5. low risk plinko with about 1% of your balance per ball definitely not mines lol
  6. so what are the ods of hitting 170x on height of 12 levels. I think betting $10 a ball for example and dropping for the 170 which gives you $1700 is more likely to hit and it has for me 2 times now. Where as dropping the $1 balls on the top level, you lose more and I have only hit the $1kx once. So if you did $6 bets the 170 gets you $1020 so this is a more equivolent outcome and a much lower risk profile compared to the $10. I feel like this is a far more repeatable way to gain 1k. Yes the outlay is higher but the result is more frequent and you lose less of your balls to the horrible middle. Just hit enough 8x and 24x to keep steady, which the right seed for is not too hard to find. As someone else said, find a bouncy erattic seed. They get you to the outside chances more.
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    I always generate a new seed, especially if i am ripping and I always just make up my own. but with crash, it doesn't as that is not your seed at play. It is a group client seed. So no impact can you have.
  8. juicybusy


    it seems to me that it is deliberately neglected as it is harder to play and harder to win, so there is no incentive for stake to invest in upgrading their server I also believe it is run from the same server as the chat so the chat spikes the lag with the rains etc.
  9. juicybusy


    as long as it doesn't mean reprogramming the crash to be as evil and unforgiving as that bastard on the other site with muliple bets.
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