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  1. SLOTS: 49,328,391,409 placed by tisuemagic on 09/07/2021 Wagered 0.00037630 Multiplier 273.3x Profit 0.10246649
  2. Its so really good if ENGLAND to be winner, how long this country don't get champion i, its really so long same with Liverpol
  3. i follow counter strike and dota, because i love e sport and play twice so its really fun bet in e sport.
  4. i like basketball and play with basketball its really good to me, i think we must get feel to play basketball or tennis.
  5. i just play in scarab and first play i get 3000x on this game, not bad for beginner
  6. The best way to level in VIP, you must stay focus and play with payout 1.02 on limbo or dice and plan your target loss to recovery again, and do it again and again.
  7. my biggest limbo payout 50000x but so sad, im betting with smal amount
  8. play if you have fresh mind, because play slot you must focus to be not greedy
  9. I just play for fun, and my favorit slot is gate olympus,always sweet bonanza and diamond juicy. Anyway im just play with fun token hehehe
  10. hello, you just reply on sub topic, and if you want to follow stake give away. You need 10 minimum post to joined.
  11. Love it your planning, i will also running same with your statement. im just once hit crazy its just 9900 on dice but with smal amount.
  12. Im a new member in stake, and still progress to bronze, i dunno how much will get to this month, maybe just $1 i will stay focus to waggering now. thanks for sharing
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