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  1. Limbo correlation with dice its so good to play, also slot provider its so really fun to best play
  2. i bet in chance 98% just for waggering, and also switch to po 2 if i get lose to get recovery loss
  3. You can play sportbook with 3x to get wagger or play dice/limbo with payout 1.02 its really fast for waggering. But always planning your management risk if you want to start for wagger.
  4. omg its 20x, i cannot see about thats, my dice just long roll just 10x. but everything has possible with dice i think. Btw thanks for this information, its helpfull for me.
  5. Scarab still love with original, i see new animation in scara will love to see for this game. And for provide, i love Gem Bonanza. its so really fun to play
  6. The real of Superhero for me is My mom and my dad, i cannot live now if don't have my mom and my dad.
  7. Welcome, you are not alone my friend. i try to find something in here and stake, i think this forum will be good to know about strategy and all information about stake, like limbo or dice.
  8. So hard to find coin like bitcoin, because bitcoin its mother of coin. So its cannot be change, all market still play Btc to see price move altcoin
  9. Gem Bonanza always favorit slot, its really fun to find Gem in slot game
  10. wow, your target so really crazy!! i think you must have good psikologis and management if you want to get your target. Its so possible but so hard to get thats. my plan just get little amount but always get daily.
  11. We now, Elon just playing victim with their fans to get all profit from us. its really not good to follow him. We must know, why Dogecoin will be good in the future, whats the project?
  12. Im still Hold Ethereum and LTC right now, i think 2.0 so really successfull we now gas for ethereum below 50 its so good to see how much grow erc20 with 2.0
  13. I think we must a lot of patient about this pandemic, we know vaccine still progress until now maybe 2022 hope so we get normal again.
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