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    Tell him to switch to Odysee
  2. I don't believe there is as a sure way to profit on Dice in the long run. Anyone telling you otherwise is either cheating or it's a fallacy. Why show your screen shots if you were unwilling to share with the community, I mean it's not like we are against you, we are all players at the end of the day and we all want to win? I have tried everything and come to the conclusion that Dice is only good for wagering. There is no such thing as a perfect system. I use diceboit and play slots all the time, gets my wagering up and through the VIP Levels super quick. I went from Platinum III to Platinum V in one week doing exactly this.
  3. Is that something you are willing to share?
  4. I was thinking Plinko at very tiny stake would give the best chance, maybe running multiple sessions. I would love to hear from other players and Good luck to winner in advance!!
  5. Anyone know any tricks to wager very little with loads of bets? I am thinking Plinko...
  6. What strategy doe you use? I'd love to know if your making a profit. I have managed to get Dicebot working, no need to leave!!
  7. It is easy, use Chrome and press F12 to bring up the developer tools and navigate to Local Storage and Stake.com and look for session Key. That will be your API key. I tried it and was able to log in to dicebot fine.
  8. Do what I do, stake @ $0.50 on Dice. Auto Bet @ 98% win chance and set to instant bet on, Animations and Sound off. Open a second window and play sensible slots at low stake to try and maintain the balance for as long as you can, you will get to bronze in no time. Good luck!
  9. Looking at the rate of growth I would say in he next 2 days!
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