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  1. thanks guys anyluck for you all? any big wins? goodluck all
  2. 31 as of today. But also cant see family or do anything due to being in lockdown. Rip. Fun timesπŸ˜…
  3. Mine was 1 dollar but thank you to who ever it was
  4. Taipan23

    What a joke

    then they should cleary state stake bet id and not what is written saying bet id does not fully explain it correctly to anyone new
  5. Taipan23

    What a joke

    its the same bet id as posted in the picture how is that invalid?
  6. Taipan23

    What a joke

    How come in this [$7,500] The Return of the King | VIP Slots - Week 3 🎰 you said i never posted my id when it clearly says it above my post????????? not happy at all \
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