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    Krispy1396 reacted to bitblogger in $155,000 giveaway winners #17   
    No I wasn't saying it in a negative tone, I was just saying why you aren't seeing low numbers yet. I'm on the same boat I can never got those raffles and I even had over 100 tickets one week. It's for the rich to get richer.
  2. Haha
    Krispy1396 reacted to Steve in $155,000 giveaway winners #17   
    Winners claim $5000 here!

    $5000 winners

    582986 - kolloh
    2224810 - ntlmrk
    1136751 - dreruya
    448594 - painandcope
    241550 - kolloh
    2437414 - Blooney
    1673219 - kolloh
    3179550 - Tass1981
    1010410 - LizKamishiro
    1464814 - kolloh
    1589953 - Dave1280
    458335 - painandcope 
    485335 - ethsuker 
    900876 - winnerak
    2931527 - wysttle
    3219253 - Jooshee
    909661 - lyzrds
    26886 - clayk6
    422890 - plug4you
    3443437 - mangomuncher 
    2129565 - jedrose17
    790212 - kolloh
    734127 - kolloh
    2527727 - Villenita
    2601436 - Docjazy0
    3182936 - Alaran
    1636700 - devinp081
    2442597 - pleinufc
    3243606 - duckduck88
    3187410 - NeMoiDen
    3180523 - Tavor777
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    Krispy1396 reacted to GuilhermeSa in Rain system is bugged and the support is not for nothing.   
    First, it is said by the support that to receive Bot rains and other players you need to have at least $ 3000 and be active in the chat you get rains for 7 days. It is said that as soon as you have this value you can already get rains. Let's get into the first point that is the value. This about having the $ 3000 bets and already receiving is a big lie as it does not happen. In 4 days ago I received my last rain, however, before the 7 day deadline win I still had + $ 3k of wager I bet during the week, but still yes I stopped receiving. Ok, after that, in those last 4 days I at no time was less than $ 3K, this I always checking in the statistics.
    Now entering the second point, as I'm sure I'm not getting rains or from the bot or players.
    My chat is the Brazilian, it is not bustling like English, when any player makes a rain for 25 people, almost never hit +16 people, this is the level of my chat, never has 25 players apt. With this when some player makes rain for 25 people I can know if I'm getting rains or not. Today I passed several hours at the chat, I was active. A player had rain for 25 people and only 14 were hit, that is, I know I'm not getting yet.
    My question is, why am I not receiving yet? Your system is clearly malfunction and it is not today.
    How do I have now at the time + $ 5690 bets and still do not receive?

    Now let's go to the second part about stake support.
    Let's be honest, this support is bizarely bad and talking to my friends from my chat, it is an almost general consensus that is not for almost nothing.
    When we ask for help, the people who attend to us seems to have some mental defense that ignores what is said and answers something else and today I contacted again to complain about this bugged rainy system and the attendant could only be playing with my face.
    I explained all the situation and she seemed to not know more than I did. I told the situation of the rain that the player did today and she said that I was out of luck. no luck????? As a person does rain to 25, hit 14 and I did not receive because I was without luck? Oh, do not fuck. Look at this.

    I have problems with rains always, in a matter of me having the value necessary and not receiving, when I am without bet anything and start betting to get $ 3k + when I have it takes 1.2 up to 3 days to start receiving, this It happens with several people in my chat, although you tell the winds that when you have the value you already get to receive. Not to mention when only 3k you do not pick up, the last time I needed $ 3.5. A friend reported that she had once she needed $ 5K to start receiving. If you think this is bored talk, go through the chats and question people about it. I think you will not do this because they apparently do not give the minimum.
    Every time I go to the stand to complain that I have the need to receive always tell me the same thing, that I have value necessary and I'm apt and I just need to be active in the chat. I always take days to start receiving, how do I know that? During the dawn I'm active in my chat, the bot makes rains for 3, 4 people. He always makes rain for 10 people if you have 10 fit to receive, but when he does for less people and I do not receive, I know I'm still not able, but if at the same time I go on the support question, they say I'm yes Apt. This is a mess and I'm getting tired of it, I like stake but that already filled me. It ends the user's experience, and again, you do not care.
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    Krispy1396 reacted to FapMaster in Rain system is bugged and the support is not for nothing.   
    I used to get rain myself, but after the updates it's pretty much dried up compared to before. I've seen some players get rained on 4 to 5 times while I haven't received any myself. 
    Yes, I meet all requirement. I've wagered over 6k in the past week and I'm active. 
    I'm also getting "Your IP is Temporarily Limited". It use to happen often when I get rain, it still happens if I refresh when there is lag. 
    I think it has to do with the past few updates that they have implemented. I also notice that the site will crash for me and not others. 
    I've notice a lot of strange things with the site since these updates.
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    Krispy1396 reacted to Hydraulics in Allow Self-Excluding from Individual Games   
    Please sign below if you would like to have the ability to self-exclude from individual games, for as long as you choose.

    Ie: self-exclude from keno for 2 weeks, or: self-exclude from plinko for 2 months, etc.

  6. Haha
    Krispy1396 reacted to JChiz in Meth and Stake   
    I personally do not do meth, but you'd probably be spending more money on meth then your going to be making off switching your reloads to every 10 minutes. 
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