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  1. BenBitcoinz Long live Dusan! and the lucky colour Orange!
  2. This would depend on the wager. If I am wagering around 1000$ a week for example, I am not going to be in the chat fighting for 2$? It's hard enough to be fast enough to get it on one account, i imagine it's near impossible to get it on various.
  3. Set an amount first and make an automated wheel with different multiples of $ per people. For example: 2000$ is the value you want to giveaway: 1$ to 2000 people (have 100 of these on the wheel) 2$ to 1000 people (have 70 of these on the wheel) 4$ to 500 people (have 20 of these on the wheel) 10$ to 200 people (have 10 of these on the wheel) Finally add 1 section on the wheel that says DOUBLE and that obviously doubles all and you re-spin. ***Obviously change the multiples and values to suit*** Spin the wheel and what it hits, it what we get. Thank you.
  4. 10 reply's on 10 different posts. It says you need 10 posts min on the giveaway post requirements, but that is what it means.
  5. exercise and pizza and redbull
  6. he did 1 coin 1 line, so 1 cent a spin lol
  7. BenBitcoinz Indigo, I need the extra luck LUL
  8. BenBitcoinz The lucky colour is Violet
  9. wow what a beautiful win. You must have a big bank roll to do bets that size!!
  10. Eddie's reaction and fear makes it so much funnier! haha
  11. Jhon for the win. Here a little clip of the first 10. hahaha https://clips.twitch.tv/IronicAdorableDadSwiftRage-va58sihVJJ2spOj6
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