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  1. MAIN Norma Dumont by KO/TKO Andrei Arlovski by Unanimous Decision Jim Miller by KO/TKO Mayra Bueno Silva by KO/TKO Jordan Wright by Unanimous Decision PRELIMS Andrew Sanchez by Unanimous Decision Ramazan Emeev by KO/TKO Launa Carolina by Unanimous Decision L'udovit Klein by KO/TKO Danna Batgerel by KO/TKO Ariane Carnelossi by Unanimous Decision Tiebreaker: R2- 2:22 Username: SilentDeath37
  2. sport:16584324 https://stake.com/sports/dota-2/valve-dota2/the-international/42223461-elephant-sg-e-sports https://stake.com/sports/dota-2/valve-dota2/the-international/42223456-og-team-undying Elephant have to win this, is one of the strongest team of ti10 OG 2xti champions b2b go for single bets to be more safe and have more chances to win. (hard to say much about the games if u dont see the picks) this is my prediction gl dont go all in. lol
  3. MAIN Marina Rodriguez by KO/TKO Randy Brown by KO/TKO Matheus Nicolau by Unanimous Decision Sabina Mazo by Unanimous Decision Phil Hawes by Unanimous Decision PRELIMS Chris Gutierrez by KO/TKO Alexandr Romanov by KO/TKO Damon Jackson by Unanimous Decision Lupita Godinez by KO/TKO Steve Garcia by KO/TKO Tiebreaker: Alexandr Romanov - Jared Vanderaa = R2 - 2:22 Username: SilentDeath37
  4. Username: SilentDeath37 colo: red
  5. plinko hit daily 1000x keno not.
  6. MAIN CARD Johnny Walker - by KO/TKO Kyle Daukaus - by KO/TKO Alex Oliveira - by KO/TKO Krzysztof Jotko - by KO/TKO Macy Chiasson - by KO/TKO Mike Breeden - by KO/TKO PRELIMS Jared Gordon - by KO/TKO Antonina Shevchenko - by KO/TKO Karol Rosa - by KO/TKO Jamie Mullarkey - by KO/TKO Douglas Silva de Andrade - by KO/TKO Shanna Young - by KO/TKO Alejandro Perez - by KO/TKO Tiebreaker: R2 - 1:33 Username: SilentDeath37
  7. I like TRX & XRP - so fast.
  8. damn. that hurts. be more careful next time. maybe u will get your money back after long time.
  9. plane pilot or astronaut. 😐 (but I need a higher iq and can't buy from anywhere)
  10. plink, mines & elk games (rip always)
  11. wont hapend again this is 1 lifetime movie. gratz and gl mb it will!
  12. Username: SilentDeath37 MAIN CARD: Volkanovski by KO/TKO Shevchenko by KO/TKO Diaz by KO/TKO Blaydes by KO/TKO Andrade by KO/TKO PRELIMS CARD: Dvalishvili by KO/TKO Hooker by KO/TKO Daukaus by KO/TKO Talia Santos by KO/TKO EARLY PRELIMS: Medic by KO/TKO Maximov by KO/TKO Semelsberg by KO/TKO Morales by KO/TKO TIEBREAKER: R2 - 2:22
  13. SilentDeath37

    Can't login

    same but will be fine dont worry i hope so lol.
  14. yeah i cant log in too but stake will be back soon i hope so.
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