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  1. happy stake birthday! stake, sadly this is my first cant believe it took me this long to find this magical place.
  2. MINES: 51,507,619,362 placed by betree on 29/07/2021 Wagered 0.00319488 Multiplier 1077.6132x Profit 3.43964994
  3. DIRTY THIRTY happy birthday
  4. if you can afford it i believe yes they are worth it.
  5. allin for sure, everytime i go slow i get sad lol.
  6. plinko, high, 13 limbo or my favorite but imo hardest, mines... their are many combos that would do it but i like 21 mines 4 gems.
  7. benpahrman

    Turning 25

    happy birthday friend! large moniez coming your way!
  8. not sure if it was mentioned or not, but the "umbrella academy" is fantastic. highly reamended.
  9. this happened today not super great or anything. ❤️
  10. happy birthday eddie!
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