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  1. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5162888.0
  2. You're going to have to be more specific than that I'm afraid @S1MPL3X, what exactly doesn't work? I have an iPad2 and an iPhone 8, I play Stake on both regularly without issue. We also test on multiple other devices and nearly 1/2 of ours play on tablets/phones so I'm not really sure what you're referring too? Certainly, if I knew what the issue was 😅
  3. The payouts/probabilities for Baccarat (all Baccarat games, not just ours) can be seen here: https://wizardofodds.com/games/baccarat/basics/#toc-Odds Check out the Infinite Decks section. You could say the edge sorta' varies slightly depending on what fields you bet on. But a single bet on "Banker" or "Player" is ≈1%, single bet on "Tie" is actually higher. If you bet on both "Banker" and "Player" you basically just "pay" 1% over time.
  4. Ha, I got here 1st mate...
  5. query Bet($iid: String!) { bet(iid: $iid) { ...BetFragment } } fragment BetFragment on Bet { id iid type bet { ... on CasinoBet { ...CasinoBetFragment } } } fragment CasinoBetFragment on CasinoBet { id active payoutMultiplier amountMultiplier amount payout updatedAt currency game user { id name } } Mines is a stateful game and therefor has various different actions associated to it. Here are the main ones: Mines Active Bet (query for an active miens game) [Authenticated] query minesActiveBet { user { id activeCasinoBet(game: mines) { ...CasinoBetFragment state { ...MinesStateFragment } } } } Mines Bet (start a new mines game) [Authenticated] mutation minesBet( $amount: Float! $currency: CurrencyEnum! $minesCount: Int! $fields: [Int!] ) { minesBet( amount: $amount currency: $currency minesCount: $minesCount fields: $fields ) { ...CasinoBetFragment state { ...MinesStateFragment } } } Mines Next (bet on an active mines game) [Authenticated] mutation minesNext($fields: [Int!]!) { minesNext(fields: $fields) { ...CasinoBetFragment state { ...MinesStateFragment } } } Mines Cashout (cashout active mines game) [Authenticated] mutation minesCashout { minesCashout { ...CasinoBetFragment state { ...MinesStateFragment } } } The following two fragments are used in the above mutations and queries: CasinoBetFragment fragment CasinoBetFragment on CasinoBet { id active payoutMultiplier amountMultiplier amount payout updatedAt currency game user { id name } } MinesStateFragement fragment MinesStateFragment on CasinoGameMines { mines minesCount rounds { field payoutMultiplier } }
  6. This should be fixed now @paito, sutobet settings are now always reset when leaving a game. Thanks for reporting. 👍
  7. 1. Agreed, that'll be live probably sometime today. 2. Bit confused by this one, the alerts that slide in on the left? They do disappear by themselves, or do you mean the the bell on the right? 3. Click on your username (top right), "cashier" and "community" there. 4. We could probably add some filtering to this in future, I'm assuming you're talking about here: https://beta.stake.com/transactions/bets 5. If you have "instant bet" enabled and autobet, that's max speed. If there's one more bet after you click stop, that's because the bet is already "in flight" between you and the server, I can't stop that! 6. How should autopick work then? I don't think we'll change the odds tbh, but not my call, so I'll pass it on. 7. This becomes a bit tricky as the "old" wheel only had like 12 segments max, "new" wheel has 50, that kinda makes it hard to fit the numbers 🤷‍♂️ 8. We tend to to do this as it's a bit more pleasant for users on mobile I think, but I'll happily be proved wrong if enough people tell me they don't like it! Thanks for the feedback and bug report! 👍
  8. Hi @maliafka, sorry to hear that! I'll take a look at this today and try to figure a way to resolve. I'll keep you posted. Hang in there! Thanks for your patience.
  9. Can anyone confirm that they still have a stuck game? If so can anyone give me the id of the bet that's stuck? You should be able to get this by opening devtools (in chrome) > network > xhr > there should be a request to `/state` when you try and load the game.