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  1. Thanks for the feedback here @Owly, thought I'd give you a bit of insight as to why we made those decisions. 1) We are of the duplicate cashier, it's obviously one of the most important features of the site so wanted to make sure people would always find it! The sports bets/sports are two different things (you can get to my sports bets by effectively going sports in footer > betslip > my bets tho), but again really high priority feature there. 2) The notification was removed for a few reasons there: * With friends and pms removed the notifications are really only financial stuff (t
  2. That's not really possible, I'm afraid. Ouch. 😢
  3. I think all versions of Stake is the best version of Stake, all the developers involved are geniusus and v handsome. They should get a raise and 100BTC bonus and their own thrones made of Dogecoin.
  4. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5162888.0
  5. Hi @maliafka, sorry to hear that! I'll take a look at this today and try to figure a way to resolve. I'll keep you posted. Hang in there! Thanks for your patience.
  6. Can anyone confirm that they still have a stuck game? If so can anyone give me the id of the bet that's stuck? You should be able to get this by opening devtools (in chrome) > network > xhr > there should be a request to `/state` when you try and load the game.
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