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  1. After speaking with support again I was able to receive the prize I won from the raffle. I appreciate everyone's help and well wishes but I can now consider this issue closed and I am happy to tell whoever is best about the account creation flaw I've discovered. Thank you again.
  2. Support hasn't helped me. I did find Eddie on telegram but he has not seen my message nor even been online on telegram in the last 6 days. I haven't seen Steve in chat, ever. The fact you can't message people on the platform or even here on the forum (at least I can't) its making this so much more difficult than it needs to be. I just want to resolve this and tell whatever engineer appropriate about the account creation flaw.
  3. I did not provide any one with an address anywhere the verification I attempted was from a Google sheet and involved uploading a picture of my ID they used that document to try to say that I was residing in the US the address I provided on stake is indeed in Sweden and was subsequently verified which was how I was able to claim verification bonus no less incidentally after my account was suspended If I knew how to reach out to Eddie or Steve on telegram I would What I'm honestly the most surprised about is the lack of interest in the account creation flaw that I have I would think stake would want to make their site more secure, and the flaw that I found it's pretty freaking serious
  4. If Eddie or Steve sees this all you have to do is just send me a chat. Tell me how to claim my prize and I will give you all the information I have regarding the account creation flaw Honestly I would rather deal with Eddie or Steve directly because I've not had the greatest of luck with the rest of support as you've seen in the screenshots if Eddie or Steve say they'll make it right I would prefer that Eddie or Steve reach out to me
  5. No June 5th was 100k see the screenshots Homely i would love that. They make it right with me I'll give them the account creation flaw without even asking for a bug Bounty payout
  6. Here's the conversation I had with support and why that last paragraph was included I just so everyone is aware no I've not heard anything back from support no I've not been paid the prize that I won nor have I been even contacted at all. and honestly here's my favorite part of this whole conversation But yet here's me claiming the identity verification bonus and a rake back So no one has been able to point me to any agreement that I agreed to buy planning on steak that says the prizes expire, I won the raffle after my account was quote-unquote suspended oh, and I even claimed the identity verification bonus but I still can't play on stake and they still won't pay me what I won. Now for the rest of it yes there is a flaw in the account creation process they haven't even reached out to me about potentially paying me for a bug Bounty instead of the prize that I won. If they don't reach out to me if they don't pay me I'll sell that information to the highest bidder. someone will pay me what I won. Done. And done. No one has reached out to me no one is sent me a message no one has emailed me and I just checked my stake messages and there are no new ones.
  7. I understand why you're saying that but you have to realize I was pissed I am pissed I'm going to add a new comment at the bottom of this thread with more information and maybe you'll understand why I'm so upset
  8. I was a winner in the June 5th100K raffle for $5,000 as you shall see if you go back and look at the Winner's List from that drawing. @Edward says on every stream that you don't need to be present to win. I wasn't present. I was in a hospital. Logging into stake was sort of the last thing on my mind. I did not receive an email saying that I had won, I've checked. The only notification that I received saying that I had won was a support message. That I got tonight. So when I tried to claim it it said it doesn't exist. So I sent a message to support oh, they ask for a screenshot I provided it. I was then told that it had expired and I could not claim it. I asked for location URL document or web page that says how long you have to claim a raffle winning before it expires, I could not be provided one. I am a US citizen who is currently traveling abroad and had attempted to verify before winning the raffle, thinking that it wanted the information off of my us documentation because that's the only documentation I have being that I'm not a citizen of Sweden nor am I really a resident just a long-term visitor as you can travel between countries for up to 180 days without a Visa oh, I don't have any documentation to provide the contrary but that should be regardless considering that I won the raffle after attempting to verify and the only reason I even did that was because the wording that I saw on the verification post said that you wouldn't be punished for attempting to verify. @Steven just locked the topic of June 5th Raffle winners 3 days ago. Allowing me To collect my raffle winnings, would be a godsend right now with all the unexpected expenses from my extended Hospital stay. Not to mention I would probably play some of them if I had the ability. If raffle winnings expire people should be told this. If someone wins a raffle there should be an email or something more than just a support message people take breaks all the time. Telling me that my raffle winning expired because of a bonus code is completely asinine. If stake doesn't want to pay me my raffle winnings because of a bonus code expiring that isn't mentioned anywhere nor could I be provided of any document or term or clause stating such oh, then maybe you'd want to pay me a bug bounty because I've discovered a flaw in the account creation process and I would be happy to disclose details to support or engineers after payment is agreed upon for the information. I Look forward to resolving this quickly, as I do know how to be quite loud on the internet and I really don't think stake wants to be known as the place that won't allow you to collect your raffle winnings because of a bonus code expiration that isn't stated anywhere after being told that you don't have to be present to win. Thanks, Celeste
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