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  1. I just verified a week ago, but they won't hold your money if you're not verified. You can play anytime, withdraw and deposit according to your will. Verified status as far as I know just gives you more perks such as additional bonuses.
  2. main game bang melepas diri dari mindset judi
  3. utk naik ke bronze total taruhan hrs sampai atau melebihi $10000. Stlh, itu bisa mendapatkan bonus VIP sebesar $30. sy naik ke silver setelah total taruhan lbih dari $50000, bonus vip sy dpt $128 mrk ksih bonus tergantung taruhan sepanjang minggu yg naik level vip.
  4. dude if u lucky on lightning roulette just place a chip on a full number get a 500x which occurs nearly once per 250 spins
  5. Happy birthday Eddie 🙏
  6. My very first depo was btc at around $100 value, my biggest profit was turning $70 into $1000 only to lose it the next day lmao.
  7. I always place side bets once got a straight flush, got 100 from a dollar bet on sides. Doesn't come always tho, but sure is a way to gain more if you have more.
  8. I once lost 1k on dice just by using the Martin Gale... but still liking the game
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