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  1. Never won the forum giveaways nor the raffle. Don't expect to win the raffle. But I don't know how I've yet to been chosen for the forum ones - always enter the color - my page typically gets picked a couple times - I view other comments on my page and there might be like one other comment with the color; it's the reason why I'd like to see posts with lists of the winners of the forum winners if it isn't announced on stream.
  2. The customer service is pretty chill and casual; the fact you haven't attached any screenshots of what you've said either already has me siding with customer service.
  3. Why do I count 28 πŸ˜… Congrats winners
  4. oPartial

    Eddie ban

    Can guarantee a few people with 1 or 2 tickets got pissed and started reporting. Probably only takes a couple reports at once for a Twitch mod to pop in. Eddie did say Stake.com just prior to being cut off.
  5. As Eddie also stated prior to being banned. Bojana has previously posted previous winners. I'm guessing she'll post this one since it wasn't read on stream.
  6. oPartial


    Twitch was probably waiting with the finger on the trigger to see if he had any link in his banner.
  7. Due to the fact it is illegal to gamble online whilst in the United States (apart from some states).
  8. Well minus the affiliates there's upwards of 800,000 tickets in each draw. With 10 draws on the normal weeklies; if you repeatedly had ~400 tickets you'd stand a chance of winning every 200 draws. That's a 1 in 200. That's like having a roulette wheel with 200 numbers and selecting the next number to come up. So just because you have tickets especially that many; you'd win once every ~4 years wagering the exact same amount. 408 tickets is $408,000 wagered by the way; in a single week. On average you need to wager $80m to win that week on probability. The people especially that guy that won repeatedly would of easily wagered that plus more since he's one of the top players on Stake - surprised he didn't win more. Also in reference to your original post; Eddie acts as a VIP host to various top dogs on the site - when he says friend etc. that is what he means.
  9. I was a bit disheartened to see how many times that guy won in this massive raffle. Mad props to him and all but with that much he would of wagered I felt insignificant with my entries. Glad Eddie did the larger bonus drop towards the end but yeah the multiple winners just felt a bit iffy. The weekly thing although extremely rare to win was a nice grind for me to have; typically tried to make sure I wagered to have 30 or so tickets before cashing out so I could sweat out the stream but now it's kind of put it into perspective how little chance majority of the community has to win these when some people wager THAT much so regularly.
  10. @davidfTether Tron is not the same as Tron. It's the equivalent of sending BTC to a LTC wallet. They are not compatible. If you have sent your coins to the address you have and it's gone through they are lost. Stake doesn't have access to the Tether Tron you have sent - on their end they haven't recieved anything. You're basically asking for Stake to give you $2k for free from their perspective for an error on your behalf. So once again I'll say it. I don't think you understand how wallets work. @seagreen They cannot do anything - they do not have access to the coins he has sent. That's why there is a warning on deposit screens to only send that certain coin to that certain address.
  11. oPartial Happy 4th to Stake! Just about to hit gold! I appreciate everything you guys do 🐘 Yellow 🟑
  12. Quickspin games go great - although some aren't as volatile as for say Netent, Prag etc. they typically land quite often and are save-able.
  13. I don't think you grasp wallets. It's not as if it's like a physical wallet and will recieve whatever is sent to it. Entirely different blockchains. It's the equivalent of me sending an elephant to the ocean instead of a fish. Although shitty to occur this is why you check you're sending the correct coin to the correct wallet otherwise situations like this arise. This wallet on Stake hasn't recieved any Tron - nor has it recieved any Tether Tron; they are on different block chains. Stake has no access to this address on the Tether Tron blockchain.
  14. 7 cents on Silver per 10 minutes; too lazy to claim so little.
  15. oPartial Magenta (good job Steve btw 🐘)
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