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  1. I had 80+ tickets, the most i've entered since I made my Stake account. Not even a shot compared to the millionaires..it just sucks man. Dumped over 30K into this site and haven't had a solid win yet.
  2. took me about 2-3 months to hit Plat, but i'm down over 25K. Feels cancer.
  3. There's too much money involved for them to "ban" it, make some more rules perhaps, but not banning it anytime soon.
  4. I enjoy buying Chaos Crew, but it's super volatile.
  5. I just drop fat stacks on Dog House and lose it all, that's the best way to get any percentage.
  6. $SHIB - Shiba Inu coin to the moon 🌔 This is not financial advice. Lol
  7. Play a lot of online games like; Rust & League of Legends.
  8. Bronze I, 50% of the way to silver. Going to need some RNJesus if I am going to continue.
  9. This is my first weekly i've gotten! (joined couple days ago) I haven't blown it yet, but my goodness I need a W.
  10. Just joined this week! Loving every minute of it so far.. (minus the downswings of course) Run it up errrrbody <3
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