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  1. asellers42486 yellow!! Happy birthday stake !!!!!🥳
  2. asellers42486 Green lets gooooooooooo!
  3. def better if you have a high balance to start with but like anything in gambling they can hit huge or payout 2 x lol
  4. books never payed crap for me, couple of low symbol full screens
  5. got a 912 $ hit on an 80 cent bet on JJ 2 when it first came out. 800 base game leading into a bonus plus the 112 on the bonus also go a 530$ hit on a 20 cent bet on Royale with cheese megaways
  6. low roller so not much but 14$ free money! thanks stake!
  7. not really a profit strat... but a way to keep playing is i vault half of any win over 25X and half of any bonus win.. hell even if its a buck lol
  8. Gaming gaming... Apex legends, League of Legends and Valheim on stake ... juicy fruits , buffalo megaways :)
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