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  1. deathwound

    Keno patterns

    everytime i try a pattern it doesnt seem to work so i might just try random
  2. yea no worries i tried with only about .25 LTC so nothing crazy
  3. i had one super unlucky loss streak, but it worked pretty well overall. thanks for the strategy
  4. deathwound

    Doge coin

    all crypto is taking a beating recently. I don't have a very much doge but it does suck seeing it get railed this bad
  5. trying this strat now, seems to be working well, will update later
  6. I think my worst is around 18 losses on 2x and 3/4 rolls losses on 1.01
  7. Stack em is my favorite even though it can be hit or miss
  8. Happy birthday Edd, have a good one
  9. i think the bucks comeback and win in 7
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