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  1. any plans to add this info feature that's on the main site to the beta? its cool to see house edge, what games have feature buys, etc.
  2. Some of the promotions on the beta are not showing up like they do on the normal site. for example, https://promotions.stake.com/watford-doge-drops/ is not on the beta as pictured below
  3. balance wont update sometimes after bets/wins on beta. also get this error when i refresh sometimes not sure whats causing it
  4. I think the live balance on the beta (USD) doesn't update like on the regular site. need to refresh on beta to get updated balance in USD
  5. I know plinko was slowed down recently, but the autobet feature on the beta is way slower then the normal site right now(on plinko anyway). Not sure if this was indented but it seems like it should be the same speed or slightly faster
  6. Managing bet size helped me the most , you only need to be slightly over 50% wins to be quite profitable. I make bets in Units - for example 1 unit may be 10 dollars, 100 dollars, 1 dollar. When on singles I bet 1-5 units depending on how much I like the bet on multi's i bet half or .25 of a unit.
  7. I prefer doing 1.125 or 1.33x multi on dice or limbo, not auto spin and increasing bets on big loss streaks. can sometimes get a decent profit while wagering quite a bit, where as 1.02 always ends in losses in my experience
  8. Deathwound Green Happy birthday stake!
  9. deathwound Goodluck everyone Magenta
  10. deathwound

    Keno patterns

    everytime i try a pattern it doesnt seem to work so i might just try random
  11. yea no worries i tried with only about .25 LTC so nothing crazy
  12. i had one super unlucky loss streak, but it worked pretty well overall. thanks for the strategy
  13. deathwound

    Doge coin

    all crypto is taking a beating recently. I don't have a very much doge but it does suck seeing it get railed this bad
  14. trying this strat now, seems to be working well, will update later
  15. I think my worst is around 18 losses on 2x and 3/4 rolls losses on 1.01
  16. Stack em is my favorite even though it can be hit or miss
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