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  1. My first Bet would be on UEFA champions league , one of the best Soccer tournament.
  2. i thnk it's a pro, it's better to have the choice to keep your stats private , even tho you hide your stats , you see them so i really didn't get your point @Enzo
  3. Hello @Enzo , i never withdrawn anything from Stake forum , since i'm still noob here 😛
  4. If only it was sometimes haha, for me it's like every time , that's greed and compulsion that makes you do stupid shit , it's very hard to resist but not impossible tho.
  5. Second Time it is , let's hope it be a great one , Happy Birthday to Stake , the baby is growing up so fast and will be soon a giant
  6. This player/user should not be on gambling site since he's underaged, i think right way to deal with those is to report them to support , they may help him
  7. mrnice23

    Low pins.

    Yes but only on short run. house edge can catch up with u faster with low payouts, maybe that's why their overall profit is low!
  8. Hmm... I haven't faced many issues on mobile, can't say there's a bug tbh, but it is super slow for me so I try not to bother with it much.
  9. Welcome man , hope you enjoy your stay here , a great community you will discover here
  10. Agreed @GKD09 Stake's staff is one the best among online gambling sites , always here and helpful with players :)
  11. I really like BCH , and that makes me worried about the future of crypto currencies in general....
  12. mrnice23


    RakeBack, and bonuses are very nice when you reach VIP level , i'm not a regular player on Stake , but i will maybe in a near future try my luck there..
  13. Haha , recover is a myth! All gamblers aim to recover their losses , but they end losing even more , never chase losses, always start fresh!
  14. Well I noticed that too , just before a price increase , i lose all my btc , i'm not sure if it's just a coincidence or it's due to an update for increasing game difficulty...