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  1. @jajacogan also, a tip for getting the bonus drops, make sure to refresh the stream every 5-10 mins so it's not lagged behind at all. Every second counts when racing to redeem
  2. mattyice

    Doge coin

    like deathwound said, all crypto is down lately, but riskier ones like doge get hit even harder. Hopefully the crypto market as a whole steadies out and gets ready to make another run again
  3. Id suggest reaching out directly to the support team if you haven't already. They're usually pretty helpful
  4. @Onni2 usually a plain black shirt, every week, like literally every week
  5. some whacky tobaccy
  6. I got $15 but im bronze and didn't wager much this past month.
  7. its from the time you place it. even if the crypto you use on stake goes down afterwards as long as the original bet amount qualifies then you're good
  8. basketball is easier to predict but better value on bets in tennis
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