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  1. OMG i always have this set to first streak wtf how did it change to every...Human error or what i dunno same strat went up to .64 last night on same setup.even came out with 2 bucks profit and i didnt change anything...... gonna watch this closely again
  2. Decided to try a strategy with 1 buck. Autobet. Third attempt after making some decent profit strategy worked fine before up to .16 bet now this happens. Wait for 12 losses streak and set bet to .01 increase on every 2 loss is 100% reset on win Strategy working fine untill i notice this twice! ALMOST BUSTING MY DOLLAR! 12 Losses activate bet at .01 had a few losses and increase from .01 to .02 to .04 then .08 now the next roll should be .16 but magically my bet is now only .01 on the winning bet. losing .41 balance was .44 so was more than enough to place a bet at .16 What happened here? im not complain about the ,41 cents, what i want to know is wtf is this? what am i missing? Here are the setting aswell
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