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  1. Why my affiliate earnings are negative?
  2. These days I am not really getting much more coins but I am holding my old ones very tightly. Oh yeah, I do get some from giveaways but that is pretty much it.
  3. holdaaja

    Hi all

    Hi all, its me Holdaaja I don't gamble much anymore but I love giveaways lol
  4. holdaaja


    Anyone here playing Travian?
  5. I just started watching Disjointed on netflix. It is pretty good imo.
  6. I think 5000$ is very realistic and it may go even higher than that.
  7. I prefer BTC because I am already so used to it.
  8. holdaaja


    Ok, thanks. Seems kind of slow to copy paste them in chat but maybe they make it easier sometime.
  9. holdaaja


    How can I check bets?
  10. What do you mean blockchain shows it was received? Is it confirmed or not? You must wait for confirmations first.
  11. Done. Thanks for the giveaway!